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[. . . ] Ceramic Glass Hob Installation and Operating Instructions C61RAAST / C61RABAL / C61RACN / C61RADST C61RAEE / C61R1AAMST / C61R1ABMAL / C61R1ACMN C61R1ADMST / C61R1AEME / C61R2AAST / C61R2ABAL C61R2ACN / C61R2ADST / C61R2AEE To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the hob, read all instructions before installing or using the appliance. Keep this manual for future reference. Contents Using This Manual . 24 EN 1 Using This Manual EN Please take the time to read this owner's manual, paying particular attention to the safety information contained in the following section, before using your appliance. If transferring ownership of the appliance, please remember to pass the manual on to the new owner. The following symbols are used in the text This is the safety alert symbol. [. . . ] Cooking setting Cooking setting Cooking setting Cooking setting 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 After 6 hours After 5 hours After 3 hours After 1 hour will be displayed. If the Hob is overheated because of abnormal operation, And the Hob will be switched off. Should one or more of the cooking zones switch off before the indicated time has elapsed, see the section "Troubleshooting. " Other reasons why a cooking zone will switch itself off All cooking zones will immediately switch themselves off if liquid boils over and lands on the control panel. The automatic shutoff will also be activated if you place a damp cloth on the control panel. In both of these instances, the appliance will need to be switched on again using the main power sensor after the liquid or the cloth has been removed . Residual heat indicator When an individual cooking zone or the hob is turned off, the presence of residual heat is shown with an (for "hot") in the digital display of the appropriate cooking zones. Even after the cooking zone has been switched off, the residual heat indicator goes out only after the cooking zone has cooled. Important: As long as the residual heat indicator is illuminated, there is a risk of burns. Important: If the power supply is interrupted, the symbol will go out and information about residual heat will no longer be available. This can be avoided by always taking care when near the hob. 12 Before You Begin Initial cleaning Wipe the ceramic glass surface with a damp cloth and ceramic cooktop glass cleaner. EN Hob Use Using suitable cookware Better pans produce better results. · When buying new pans, pay particular attention to the diameter of the base. · Pots with aluminium or copper bases can cause metallic discolouration on the ceramic glass surface. · Do not use pans made of cast iron or which have damaged bases with rough edges or burrs. Permanent scratching can occur if these pan are slid across the surface. · When cold, pan bases are normally bowed slightly inwards (concave). · If you wish to use a special type of pan, for example, a pressure cooker, a simmering pan, or a wok, please observe the manufacturer's instructions. Energy saving tips You can save valuable energy by observing the following points. Right! Wrong! 13 Hob Use (Continued) EN · Always position pots and pans before switching on the cooking zone. · Dirty cooking zones and pan bases increase power consumption. · When possible, position the lids firmly on the pots and pans to cover completely. · Switch the cooking zones off before the end of the cooking time to use the residual heat for keeping foods warm or for thawing. · The base of the pan should be the same size as the cooking zone. · Using a pressure cooker reduces cooking times by up to 50 % Using the touch control sensors To operate the touch control sensors, touch the desired panel with the tip of your pointed finger until the relevant displays illuminate or go out, or until the desired function is activated. Ensure that you are touching only one sensor panel when operating the appliance. If your finger is too flat on the panel, an adjacent sensor may be actuated as well. 14 Hob Use (Continued) Switching the appliance on Touch the "Lock " sensor for approximately 3 seconds. The appliance is switched on using the "On / Off " control sensor. After the "On / Off " sensor has been actuated to switch on your appliance, a heat setting must be selected within approximately 10 seconds. [. . . ] · Do not use pans made of cast iron or which have damaged bases with rough edges or burrs. · Avoid spilling acidic liquids, for example, vinegar, lemon juice and descaling agents, onto the hob frame, since such liquids can cause dull spots. · If sugar or a preparation containing sugar comes into contact with a hot cooking zone and melts, it should be cleaned off immediately with a kitchen scraper while it is still hot. · Keep all items and materials that could melt, for example, plastics, aluminium foil and oven foils, away from the ceramic glass surface. [. . . ]


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