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[. . . ] Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray. Wrinkles or creases · Ensure that the paper is loaded properly. Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray. 7. 13 Solving Problems Problem Solution · The transfer roller may be dirty. Clean the inside of the printer. Problem Solution If the printed paper is curled or paper does not feed into the printer: · Turn the stack of paper over in the paper tray. Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray. Back of printouts are dirty Curl Solid Color or Black pages A Loose toner Character Voids · The toner cartridge may not be installed properly. Contact a service representative. Understanding Display Messages Messages appear on the SmartPanel program window or the control panel display to indicate the printer's status or errors. Refer to the tables below to understand the messages' meanings and correct the problem if necessary. Messages and their meanings are listed in alphabetical order. · Clean the inside of the printer. Contact a service representative. NOTE: When you call for service, it is very helpful to tell the service representative the display message. Message Adjusting Registration ADC Not Confirm Error Cover Open Install Transfer Belt Status Auto color reg is in the process. The corresponding toner cartridge in your printer is empty, and the printer will stop printing until a new toner cartridge is put into the printer. A problem has occurred in the development motor of the printer. Do this. . . Load a sheet of print material and press the On Line/ Continue button. You need to press the button for each page. Message Replace Transfer Belt Soon Replace Tray1 Pick-roller Replace Tray2 Pick-roller SMPS Fan Error Status The life span of the paper transfer belt will expire soon. The optional Tray2 is not properly installed or connected to the printer. When the "Replace Transfer Belt" message appears, the printer will stop printing. After turn the printer off and then back on, reinstall the optional Tray2. Close the Tray2 cover firmly. Ready [Color] Low Toner Ready IP Conflict Redistribute the toner in the corresponding toner cartridge, referring to page 6. 2. Contact your network administrator and choose an address within your subnet which will not conflict with any other devices. If necessary, replace the corresponding toner cartridge with a new one. See page 6. 4. Rear Fan Error Tray2 Error Replace [Color] Toner Tray2 Jam Cover Open Replace Fuser Replace the fuser unit with a new one. See page 6. 7. Replace Fuser Soon Replace MP Pick-roller Replace Transfer Belt When "Replace Fuser" message appears, the printer will stop printing. See page 6. 5. 7. 16 Solving Problems Common Windows Problems Problem "File in Use" message appears during installation. [. . . ] Select SEC000xxxxxxxxx from the printer box (where the xxxxxxxxx varies depending on each of the machines) and Click Select. If Auto Setup does not work properly, click Select PPD, choose your printer name, and click OK. When the setup is complete, you see your machine icon created as a desktop printer. When a message window appears telling you that you have changed your current machine, click OK. For a USB-connected Macintosh Mac OS 10. 1 or higher 1 2 3 4 5 6 Follow the instructions on "Installing Software for Macintosh" on page 32 to install the PPD file on your computer. [. . . ]


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