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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User’s Guide CLX-330x/330xW Series CLX-330xFN/330xFW Series BASIC BASIC This guide provides information concerning installation, basic operation and troubleshooting on windows. ADVANCED This guide provides information about installation, advanced configuration, operation and troubleshooting on various OS environments. Some features may not be available depending on models or countries. BASIC Using USB memory device 70 1. Introduction Key benefits Features by models Useful to know About this user’s guide Safety information Machine overview Control panel overview Turning on the machine Installing the driver locally Reinstalling the driver 5 7 12 13 14 20 24 30 31 33 3. Maintenance Ordering supplies and accessories Available supplies Available maintenance parts Storing the toner cartridge Redistributing toner Replacing the toner cartridge Replacing the waste toner container Replacing the imaging unit Monitoring the supplies life Setting the toner low alert Cleaning the machine Tips for moving & storing your machine 76 77 78 79 81 83 85 87 89 90 91 96 2. [. . . ] • The maximum number of devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi Direct is 3. Device Name: Enter the printer’s name for searching for your printer on a wireless network. This IP address is used only for the local network and not for the infrastructure wired or wireless network. We recommend using the default local IP address (the default local IP address of the printer for Wi-Fi Direct is 192. 168. 3. 1 ) Group Owner: Activate this option to assign the printer the Wi-Fi Direct group’s owner. Network Password: If your printer is a Group Owner, a Network Password is required for other mobile devices to connect to your printer. You can configure a network password yourself, or can remember the given Network Password that is randomly generated by default. - - Setting up Wi-Fi Direct You can enable Wi-Fi Direct feature by one of the following methods. - From the USB cable-connected computer(recommended) After the driver installation is complete, Samsung Easy Printer Manager can be set and changes in the Wi-Fi Direct can be made. From the machine (Machines with a display screen) • • Select Network > Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct from the control panel. Enable Wi-Fi Direct. Samsung Easy Printer Manager is Available for Windows and Mac OS users only. From the network-connected computer If your printer is using a network cable or a wireless access point, you can enable and configure Wi-Fi Direct from SyncThru™ Web Service. • • Access SyncThru™ Web Service, select Settings > Network Settings > Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct. Using a Network-Connected Machine • From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs > Samsung Printers > Samsung Easy Printer Manager > Device Settings > Network. Wi-Fi Direct On/Off: Select On to enable. 182 Wireless network setup 20 • For Linux OS users, - Print an IP network configuration report to check the output (see "Printing a network configuration report" on page 152). - Access SyncThru Web Service, select Settings > Network Settings > Wireless > Wi-Fi Direct. - Enable or disable Wi-Fi Direct. Troubleshooting Problems during setup or driver installation Printers Not Found • Setting up the mobile device • • • After setting up Wi-Fi Direct from the printer, refer to the user manual of the mobile device you are using to set its Wi-Fi Direct. After setting up Wi-Fi Direct, you need to download the mobile printing application (For example: Samsung Mobile printer) to print from your smartphone. Check the machine's user's guide included on the software CD supplied with your machine and prepare a wireless network machine. Connecting Failure - SSID Not Found • When you have found the printer you want to connect to from your mobile device, select the printer and the printer's LED will blink. Press the WPS button on the printer and it will be connected to your mobile device. • If your mobile device does not support WPS, you need to enter the "Network Key" of a printer instead of pushing the WPS button. • The machine is unable to find the network name (SSID) you have selected or entered. Check the network name (SSID) on your access point and try connecting again. Using a Network-Connected Machine 183 Wireless network setup Connecting Failure - Invalid Security • Security is not configured correctly. Check the configured security on your access point and machine. PC Connection Error • The configured network address is unable to connect between your computer and machine. For a DHCP network environment The receives the IP address automatically (DHCP) when computer is configured to DHCP. Connecting Failure - General Connection Error • Your computer is not receiving a signal from your machine. Check the USB cable and your machine’s power. Connecting Failure - Connected Wired Network • Your machine is connected with a wired network cable. Remove the wired network cable from your machine. If the printing job is not working in DHCP mode, the problem may be caused by the automatically changed IP address. Compare the IP address between the product's IP address and the printer port's IP address. [. . . ] It is a client-server protocol, where the client transmits an email message to the server. Transmission Confirmation Report (TCR) provides details of each transmission such as job status, transmission result and number of pages sent. This report can be set to print after each job or only after failed transmissions. TIFF Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a variable-resolution bitmapped image format. TIFF images make use of tags, keywords defining the characteristics of the image that is included in the file. [. . . ]


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