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SAMSUNG CLX-3305FW UNIVERSAL PRINT DRIVER: Download the complete user guide (932 Ko)

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   SAMSUNG CLX-3305FW (35625 ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SAMSUNG CLX-3305FWUNIVERSAL PRINT DRIVER

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · TrueType, LaserWriter and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. · All other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. CONTACT SAMSUNG WORLD WIDE If you have any comments or questions regarding Samsung products, contact the Samsung customer care center. 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[. . . ] 4 Holding the inner cover open, carefully take the jammed paper out of the machine. 11. 2 <Troubleshooting> 5 Lowering down the scan unit gently and slowly until it is completely closed. Be careful not to pinch your fingers! Understanding display messages Messages appear on the control panel display to indicate the machine's status or errors. Refer to the tables below to understand the messages' meaning and correct the problem if necessary. Messages and their meanings are listed in alphabetical order. Note When you call for service, it is very convenient to tell the service representative the display message. The machine received several papers with many images, and it can not supply the toner properly. See page 10. 5 If there is any resistance and the paper does not move when you pull or if you cannot see the paper under the scan unit, continue to the next step. If the problem persists, please call for service. TonerSupply Err. 8 Close the rear cover. Open and then close the front cover. File Format Not Supported Fuser Fan Locked 11. 3 <Troubleshooting> Message Install Toner Meaning The color toner cartridge is not installed. There is a problem in the fuser unit. Suggested solutions Install the color toner cartridge. Message Open Heat Error Cycle Power Meaning There is a problem in the fuser unit. Suggested solutions Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. Remove paper. Install Imaging Unit Install Imaging Unit into your machine. Out-Bin Full The output tray of the machine is full of paper. There is a problem in the fuser unit. Over Heat Error Install the a Samsung-genuine color toner cartridge designed for your machine. Reduce the complexity of the page or try adjusting the print quality settings. Right-click the Samsung CLX-216x Series machine icon, choose Properties, click the Details tab, and then choose the Spool Settings button. Ensure that the paper size in the printer driver settings matches the paper in the tray. Or, ensure that the paper size in the printer driver settings matches the paper selection in the software application settings you use. The machine is not selected as the default printer. Check the machine for the following: · The front cover is not closed. The connection cable between the computer and the machine is not connected properly. The connection cable between the computer and the machine is defective. Disconnect the printer cable and reconnect it. The job may be very complex. If you are using Windows 9x/Me, the Spool Setting may be set incorrectly. If possible, attach the cable to another computer that is working properly and print a job. Check the Windows printer setting to make sure that the print job is sent to the correct port. If the computer has more than one port, make sure that the machine is attached to the correct one. Check the printer properties to ensure that all of the print settings are correct. [. . . ] WHEN PRINTING A DOCUMENT CONTAINING MANY PAGES, PRINTING PERFORMANCE MAY BE ENHANCED BY CHOOSING SOCKET FOR PRINTER TYPE OPTION. If you cannot determine the queue name for your printer server, try using the default queue first. is set as the default printer. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Insert the CD-ROM which came with your printer into the CD-ROM drive. Click Continue. 6 7 8 9 10 When the uninstallation is done, click Quit. 9 10 Your printer's IP address appears on the Printer List, and For a USB-connected Macintosh 1 2 3 4 5 6 Follow the instructions on "Installing Software for Macintosh" on page 38 to install the PPD and Filter files on your computer. [. . . ]


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