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[. . . ] Numérisation_ 121 Sélection du type des originaux Le paramètre de type d’original permet d’améliorer la qualité de numérisation en indiquant le type de document de la tâche de numérisation à effectuer. Type adresse : sélectionnez un type d’adresse qui sera utilisé pour transférer la télécopie. Spécifications_ 289 Contact SAMSUNG worldwide If you have any comments or questions regarding Samsung products, contact the Samsung customer care center. Com Web Site Country/Region FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY GEORGIA GREECE Customer Care Center 030-6227 515 01 48 63 00 00 01805 - SAMSUNG (726-7864 € 0, 14/min) 8-800-555-555 8011-SAMSUNG (80111 7267864) from land line, local charge/ 1-800-299-0013 800-7919267 (852) 3698-4698 www. [. . . ] It automatically detects and corrects errors in the fax transmission process that are sometimes caused by telephone line noise. Halftone An image type that simulates grayscale by varying the number of dots. Highly colored areas consist of a large number of dots, while lighter areas consist of a smaller number of dots. emulation Emulation is a technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another. An emulator duplicates the functions of one system with a different system, so that the second system behaves like the first system. Emulation focuses on exact reproduction of external behavior, which is in contrast to simulation, which concerns an abstract model of the system being simulated, often considering its internal state. HDD Hard Disk Drive (HDD), commonly referred to as a hard drive or hard disk, is a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally-encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. The term "1284-B" refers to a specific connector type on the end of the parallel cable that attaches to the peripheral (for example, a printer). JBIG Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group (JBIG) is an image compression standard with no loss of accuracy or quality, which was designed for compression of binary images, particularly for faxes, but can also be used on other images. Intranet A private network that uses Internet Protocols, network connectivity, and possibly the public telecommunication system to securely share part of an organization's information or operations with its employees. Sometimes the term refers only to the most visible service, the internal website. JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a most commonly used standard method of lossy compression for photographic images. It is the format used for storing and transmitting photographs on the World Wide Web. IP address An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard. LDAP The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a networking protocol for querying and modifying directory services running over TCP/ IP. IPM The Images Per Minute (IPM) is a way of measuring the speed of a printer. An IPM rate indicates the number of single-sided sheets a printer can complete within one minute. LED A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that indicates the status of a machine. IPP The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) defines a standard protocol for printing as well as managing print jobs, media size, resolution, and so forth. 1 chart Standardized test chart published by ITU-T for document facsimile transmissions. MAC address Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier associated with a network adapter. MAC address is a unique 48-bit identifier usually written as 12 hexadecimal characters grouped in pairs (e. [. . . ] WEP provides security by encrypting data over radio so that it is protected as it is transmitted from one end point to another. TCR Transmission Confirmation Report (TCR) provides details of each transmission such as job status, transmission result and number of pages sent. This report can be set to print after each job or only after failed transmissions. wIA Windows Imaging Architecture (WIA) is an imaging architecture that is originally introduced in Windows Me and Windows XP. [. . . ]


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