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[. . . ] WW10H9***** WW90H9***** Washing Machine User manual Imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. Untitled-37 1 2016-02-20 3:18:00 Content Safety information 3 What you need to know about the safety instructions. This manual contains important information on the installation, use and care of your appliance. Please take some time to read this manual to take full advantage of your washing machine’s many benefits and features. [. . . ] English - 23 Untitled-37 23 2016-02-20 3:18:04 Manual Dispense In case you don’t want to use the dispenser (Auto Dispense unit), you can either dose the detergent directly into the drum or use the provided aqua pebble when applying detergent manually. The Aqua Pebbles comes in two sizes and are provided as accessories with your appliance. When the wash is complete, remove the aqua pebble from the drum and keep it clean for later use. CAUTION • Fabric softener can be applied only using the Auto Dispense unit. € Use caution when inserting the aqua pebble as it is supposed to be balanced at the first of the wash. Tipping the aqua pebble before the start of a wash may cause detergent residue on the laundry at the end of the wash, causing discolouration to laundry and/or reduced washing performance. € Do not apply detergent to both the auto detergent compartment and the aqua pebble. € When applying a different detergent, make sure to clean the aqua pebble first. € Do not insert the aqua pebble into a folded blanket or between different laundry items. € A heavy application of detergent may cause the following problems, resulting in a system failure and/or shortened product life. € Excessive amounts of detergent cause bubble surpluses and extend the rinse time as a result. € This may also cause detergent remaining in the drum after the wash is complete. € Apply appropriate amounts of detergent according to the specifications of the detergent manufacturer. € In case of manual detergent dosage, it is recommended to use the Aqua Pebble when coloured laundry items are washed. English - 24 Untitled-37 24 2016-02-20 3:18:04 Operations OPERATIONS Screen The actual screen may differ from the image below depending on the model. You can add up to 4 custom courses, which appear at the first of the course tile. Information A B C D Most Used Current course Active option Estimated time Displays the most frequently used course. English - 25 Untitled-37 25 2016-02-20 3:18:05 Status bar 12:00AM Auto Detergent Auto Softener Door Lock Child Lock Network Smart Control Sound Time If this indicator turns on, Auto Detergent is enabled. If this indicator turns on, the door is locked to prevent a door opening during operation. ], the Child Lock is set If this icon turns to a closed lock [ to prevent accidents by children or infants. If this indicator turns on, the washing machine can be controlled on a mobile device. Quick panel bar On the Quick panel bar, 6 items are available: Child Lock, Drum Light, Auto Detergent, Auto Softener, Network, and Smart Control. [. . . ] Annual energy consumption is based on 220 standard washing cycles for Cotton course at 60 °C and 40 °C at full and partial load, and the consumption of off and left-on modes. Spin extraction is very important when you use a clothes dryer to dry your clothes. Washing with the high spin saves more energy in drying your clothes in a clothes dryer. cotton 60 °C and Cotton 40°C programs are the ‘standard cotton 60 °C program’ 4. [. . . ]


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