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[. . . ] Dishwasher user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. samsung. com/global/register Cover. indd 1 2008-06-17 ¿ÀÈÄ 5:20:06 2 EN CONTENTS 1/ FOR THE USER'S ATTENTION · Safety instructions ______________________________________ · Protection of the environment______________________________ · Economical, environmentally friendly washing ________________ 2/ DESCRIPTION OF YOUR APPLIANCE · General presentation of the dishwasher ____________________ · Presentation of the control panel __________________________ 3/ INFORMATION ______________________________________________ 4/ WHAT TO DO BEFORE FIRST USING THE MACHINE · Measure the water hardness and select the type of detergent __ · Hardness table__________________________________________ 5/ DETERGENT PRODUCTS AND ADJUSTING THE WATER SOFTENER · For traditional products __________________________________ · For multi-purpose products ________________________________ 6/ LOADING OF REGENERATING SALT __________________________ 7/ LOADING OF RINSING PRODUCT ____________________________ 8/ YOUR DISHWASHER'S EQUIPMENT · The lower basket ________________________________________ · The upper basket ________________________________________ · The cutlery basket ______________________________________ 9/ YOUR DISHWASHER'S SAFETY SYSTEMS ______________________ 10/ WASHING PROGRAMMES TABLE ____________________________ 11/ PROGRAMMING __________________________________________ 12/ CLEANING YOUR APPLIANCE · Cleaning the waste filters ________________________________ 13/ IF OPERATING ABNORMALITIES OCCUR ______________________ 14/ AFTER-SALES SERVICE ____________________________________ 15/ INDICATIONS FOR THE TESTING LABORATORIES ______________ 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 22 23 28 29 3 EN 1/ FOR THE USER'S ATTENTION Keep this user's manual with your appliance. If the appliance is sold or transferred to someone else, ensure that the manual is with it. Please take note of these instructions before installing and using your appliance. [. . . ] B Fill the tank with regenerating salt specially designed for dishwashers. The first time, top up with water up to the rim of the tank. EAe watUr B · Regenerating salt indicator: This illuminates when salt must be added. After the tank has been filled with regenerating salt, the indicator light may remain lit until the salt has dissolved sufficiently, usually after one cycle (of if the tank has not been filled completely; for example, when first putting the machine into service using the sample). This can be deactivated as indicated in the paragraph "For multi-purpose products" setting table. C Fig. 06 Important If the salt overflows when filling the tank, to avoid oxidization of the tub it is advisable to remove the salt crystals or to run a Prewash programme (or Rapid programme depending on the model). 12 Sa SE lt L EN 7/ LOADING OF RINSING PRODUCT · Loading of rinsing product (Fig. 07) Important : Only use a rinsing product designed for dishwashers. The rinsing product ensures your items shine and are well dried. B When first putting the machine into service, fill the tank until the level is flush with the top of the adjustment lever. The tank contains 120 ml (approximately one glass) The original setting is in the centre (middle position: reference mark 2). If you encounter marks or poor drying after a few cycles, you can adjust the setting using the adjustment lever (fig 07 C ; Reference mark 3 will increase the setting). - Close the tank lightly A A 12 3 · Rinsing liquid indicator light: This illuminates when rinsing product is required. It can be deactivated as shown in the paragraph "For multi-purpose products" setting table. B 12 3 Important : If any of the product overflows during filling, sponge up the excess to avoid producing foam. C Fig. 07 Adjustment lever 13 EN 8/ YOUR DISHWASHER'S EQUIPMENT Items not suitable for washing in a dishwasher: - Wooden cutting boards - Stainless steel utensils or plastic utensils that are not heat-resistant - Copper or pewter items - Glued crockery and cutlery - Cutlery with wooden, horn or mother-of-pearl handles - Antique or hand-painted porcelain When purchasing crockery, glasses or cutlery, ensure that it is dishwasher-safe Very important · THE LOWER BASKET Arrange your items so that the water can circulate freely and spray over all the utensils. Do not intersperse, jam together or superimpose flat plates and concave dishes (Fig. The flexible racking spikes makes it easier to arrange your large dishes (Fig. 09). When you re-insert the lower basket, ensure that nothing catches on the oversize plate barrier to avoid blocking the rotating spray arm. Unloading your items Empty the lower basket to avoid drips from the upper basket falling onto the lower basket. Advice: Fig. 09 14 EN 8/ YOUR DISHWASHER'S EQUIPMENT · THE UPPER BASKET This basket is particularly designed to take glasses, cups, ramekins, small salad bowls, bowls and saucers. Arrange your items methodically to save on space (arranging glasses, cups or bowls together). 10) Position the cavities of glasses, cups or bowls facing downwards. Cutlery basket Advice: Fig. 10 · Adjusting the height of the upper basket For large dishes to be loaded in the lower basket, the upper basket must be set the to high position. 11) Setting in HIGH POSITION: Gently raise your basket on each side until it engages. Setting in LOW POSITION: Raise your basket completely on both sides to unlock it and then lower it to the low position. Fig. 11 Important : Check that the two slides are set to the same height and the basket is horizontal. 15 EN 8/ YOUR DISHWASHER'S EQUIPMENT · THE CUTLERY BASKET The cutlery basket slides to allow flexible loading. [. . . ] - Water too hard for using a "4in-1" detergent without the addition of salt. - Check the water hardness at the tap and that the water softener is set correctly. Some detergents in pellet form are more aggressive to glasses and decorations (change the product and use a protective product if necessary). - Use the "4-in-1" option (depending on the model). - Traces of salt (items have a salty taste). [. . . ]


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