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[. . . ] DMT800 Series DMT610 Series DMT400 Series DMT350 Series DW7933 Series DW80F800 Series DW80F600 Series Dishwasher installation guide These installation instructions are intended for use by qualified installers. STOP If you are having problems installing this dishwasher Please call : 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) for assistance : www. Com imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. [. . . ] Do not connect another appliance to the same power outlet as the dishwasher. Check all the visible components on the bottom of the dishwasher to ensure they are intact and secure. Check the door latch, the operation of the hinges, and confirm the door is properly secured to the dishwasher. Check the hot water connection on the front left-side of the base of the dishwasher. The mounting plate should be secured to the front of the base, the threads inside the connection should be smooth and shiny, and the area should be clean and free of any debris. Check the plastic Brake and Sensor cases to ensure these assemblies are not cracked and that all connections are secure. Check the drain hose for any holes or deformities that could allow a water leak during draining. Confirm the junction box cover is secured to the junction box on the front right-side of the base of the dishwasher. Confirm the electrical box was not damaged during shipping and that it is secured to the base of the dishwasher. Confirm there are no dents or scratches on the front of the dishwasher. Check the control panel to ensure it is clear and unscratched, and that all the control markers are in their proper places. Ensure that the circuit breaker and water supply valve are turned off before proceeding with the following steps. CAUTION Before you move or lay down the dishwasher for installation, make sure to adjust the height of the legs so the legs are as short as possible. Level the dishwasher by adjusting the height of the legs after you have the dishwasher in place. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of the 90˚ elbow, and then attach the elbow to the Inlet valve (Figure 4- B). Tighten until the elbow is tight and pointing towards the water hose channel in the base of the dishwasher (about 4 o'clock). To prevent the inlet valve from being blocked, make sure that the Teflon tape does not enter the valve. Cut the strings securing the drain hose to the back of the dishwasher. Make sure there are no kinks and that the hose is not bent at any extreme angles that could constrict the flow of water. Remove the junction box cover located at the bottom front right of the dishwasher using a screwdriver, and then Install the strain relief (Figure 4 - C). If the countertop is made of wood or a material that is not damaged by drilling, attach the two (2) Installation brackets that were supplied with the dishwasher using the supplied screws (Figure 4 - A). <Figure 4> A B C Junction box Strain relief CAUTION Do not overtighten the 90˚ elbow. [. . . ] Attach the drain hose to the sink connector, slide the hose clamp to the end of the hose, and then tighten the hose clamp. The middle of the drain hose well above the sink cabinet base to prevent backflow (see Figure 12 below). CAUTION 02 INSTALLING THE DISHWASHER Be careful when cutting off the end of the drain hose as there is a risk of injury. Clean around the sink’s drain connection so that it does not damage the hose. [. . . ]


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