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[. . . ] DW60J9970 Series DW60K8550 Series Dishwasher installation guide These installation instructions are intended for use by qualified installers. STOP If you are having problems installing this dishwasher, contact a service center as referring to the contact list on the back cover. Com imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. This manual contains important information on the installation, use and care of your appliance. [. . . ] This appliance may only be installed in mobile installations such as ships if a risk assessment of the installation has been carried out by a suitably qualified engineer. The plastic housing of the water connection contains an electrical component. Installation, maintenance and repairs may only be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent person in strict accordance with current national and local safety regulations. Do not push the appliance into a built-in closet or cabinet using your knees or legs. cAUTION WARNING WARNING CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION Safety instructions _5 FBI-Install_DD68-00167B-05_EN. Indd 5 2017-02-08 1:43:39 Safety instructions CAUTION The integrated waterproof system offers protection from water damage, provided the following conditions are met: • The dishwasher is correctly installed and plumbed in. € The dishwasher is properly maintained and parts are replaced where it can be seen that this is necessary. € The stopcock has been turned off when the appliance is not used for a longer period of time (e. € The waterproof system will work even if the appliance is switched off. However, the appliance must remain connected to the electricity supply. If the dishwasher gets damaged, switch it off at the mains and call your dealer or the service department. Unauthorised repairs could result in unforeseen dangers for the user, for which the manufacturer cannot accept liability. Only when these parts are fitted can the safety of the appliance can be guaranteed. Always disconnect the dishwasher from the electrical supply for maintenance work (switch off at the wall socket and remove the plug). If the connection cable is damaged it must be replaced with a special cable, available from the manufacturer. For safety reasons, this must only be fitted by the service department or an authorised service technician. The installation enclosure must be clean and free of any obstructions. The enclosure must be at least 600 mm wide, 575 mm deep, and 820 mm high. For the front door of the dishwasher to be flush with the leading edge of the counter top, the counter top must be at least 575 mm deep. Indd 8 2017-02-08 1:43:40 Before installing your dishwasher CHECKING THE PARTS AND TOOLS Before starting on the installation, prepare all the necessary tools and parts required to install the dishwasher. This will save installation time and simplify the installation process. Indd 9 2017-02-08 1:43:41 Before installing your dishwasher Tools required 14 Electric drill 22 Tape measure 15 Safety glasses 23 Pencil 16 Gloves 24 Phillips screwdriver 17 Flashlight 25 Flat screwdriver 18 Adjustable wrench 26 Tubing cutter 19 Torx T20 27 Cutting knife 20 Pliers 28 Level 21 Nipper 29 Hole saw 10_ Before installing your dishwasher FBI-Install_DD68-00167B-05_EN. [. . . ] Indd 17 30-60 mm Tall-kitchen (Change to the Foot Sub) 3 2017-02-08 1:43:42 Installing your dishwasher STEP 7. Hook the installation brackets into the holes as shown in the figure above. When you fix the product at the sides instead of fixing it at the top, you do not need to use the installation brackets. To fix the product at the sides (when the material of the counter top is not appropriate for drilling)” section on page 20. [. . . ]


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