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[. . . ] USER MANUAL ES95/ES96/ES99/ST71T Click a topic Basic troubleshooting Basic functions Playback/Editing Index This user manual includes detailed usage instructions for your camera. Please read this manual thoroughly. Quick reference Extended functions Settings Contents Shooting options Appendixes Health and safety information Always comply with the following precautions and usage tips to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your camera. Warning—situations that could cause injury to yourself or others Keep your camera away from small children and pets. Keep your camera and all accessories out of the reach of small children and animals. [. . . ] Select a or v EV. 4 Press [o] to save your settings. • Once you adjust the exposure, the setting will be stored automatically. You may need to change the exposure value later to avoid overexposure or underexposure. • If you cannot decide on an appropriate exposure, select AEB (Auto Exposure Bracket). The camera will capture 3 consecutive photos, each with a different exposure: normal, underexposed, and overexposed. 66) Shooting options 61 Adjusting brightness and color Compensating for backlighting (ACB) p 3 Select an option. Icon Description When the light source is behind your subject or there is high contrast between your subject and the background, your subject is likely to appear dark in the photo. In this case, set the Auto Contrast Balance (ACB) option. Off: ACB (Auto Contrast Balance) is deactivated. On: ACB (Auto Contrast Balance) is activated. • The ACB feature is always on in Smart Auto mode. • The ACB feature is not available when you set Burst options or Smart Filter options. Without ACB With ACB 1 2 In Shooting mode, press [m]. Select a ACB. Shooting options 62 Adjusting brightness and color Changing the metering option pv Icon Description The metering mode refers to the way in which a camera measures the quantity of light. The brightness and lighting of your photos will vary depending on the metering mode you select. 1 2 3 In Shooting mode, press [m]. Select a or v Select an option. Icon Description Multi: • Your camera divides the frame into several areas, and then measures the light intensity of each area. Spot: • Your camera measures only the light intensity at the very center of the frame. • If a subject is not in the center of the frame, your photo may be improperly exposed. • Suitable for a subject with backlighting. Center-weighted: • Your camera averages the meter reading of the entire frame with emphasis placed on the center. • Suitable for photos with subjects in the center of the frame. Metering. Shooting options 63 Adjusting brightness and color Selecting a White Balance setting pv The color of your photo depends on the type and quality of the light source. If you want the color of your photo to be realistic, select a White Balance setting that is appropriate for the lighting conditions, such as Auto WB, Daylight, Cloudy, or Tungsten. 1 2 3 In Shooting mode, press [m]. Select a or v Select an option. Icon Description Auto WB: Automatically set the White Balance based on the lighting conditions. White Balance. Daylight: For outdoor photos on a sunny day. Fluorescent_H: For shooting under a daylight fluorescent or 3-way fluorescent light. Tungsten: For shooting indoor photos under incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps. 65) Auto WB Daylight Cloudy Tungsten Shooting options 64 Adjusting brightness and color Defining your own White Balance You can customize the White Balance by capturing a photo of a white surface, such as a piece of paper, under the lighting conditions in which you intend to capture a photo. The White Balance feature will help you to match the colors in your photo with the actual scene. 1 2 3 In Shooting mode, press [m]. Aim the lens at a piece of white paper, and then press [Shutter]. Shooting options 65 Using burst modes p It can be difficult to capture photos of fast-moving subjects or capture natural facial expressions and gestures of your subjects in photos. [. . . ] This display needs a separate backlight, such as CCFL or LED, to reproduce colors. Macro This feature allows you to capture close-up photos of very small objects. When using the macro feature, the camera can maintain a sharp focus on small objects at a near life-size ratio (1:1). Metering The metering refers to the way in which the camera measures the quantity of light to set the exposure. [. . . ]


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