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[. . . ] FE-R400SX FE-R400SW FE-R400SB Electric Range user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. samsung. com/global/register features of your new range Enhanced convenience. Your new electric range has been designed to bring you these benefits and more. · Steam Quick cleaning Thanks to Steam QuickTM, Samsung's unique technology for light-duty cleaning jobs, keeping your oven Spic-and-Span is a snap -- no hassle, no odor, no chemicals. Steam QuickTM cleans the inside of your range with high-temperature steam in just 20 minutes. · Bigger is better With a capacity of 5. 9 cubic feet, your new range is equipped with more space than any of its competitors in the U. S. [. . . ] You can set the cooking time for any amount of time from 1 minute to 9 hours and 99 minutes. When the oven has reached the desired temperature, a long beep will sound 6 times. Preheating is important for good results when baking cakes, cookies, pastry, and breads. After the oven has reached the desired temperature, a long beep will sound 6 times. Operating the oven _25 BroilinG Broil stop position Broil stop position Leave the door open to the broil stop position. The door will stay open by itself, yet the proper temperature is maintained in the oven. Using the broil pan The broil pan and the insert allow grease to drain and be kept away from the high heat of the broiler. · Do not cover the insert with foil; the exposed grease could ignite. If the fire continues, throw baking soda on the fire or use a foam-type fire extinguisher. Flour may be explosive and water can cause a grease fire to spread and cause personal injury. CAUTION How to set the oven for broiling 1. Use LO to cook foods such as poultry or thick cuts of meat thoroughly without over-browning them. Broil on one side until food is browned; turn and cook on the other side. Press the CLEAR/OFF pad once you have finished cooking or if you want to cancel broiling. Recommended broiling guide The size, weight, thickness, starting temperature, and your preference of doneness will affect broiling times. This guide is based on meats at refrigerator temperature. Food Quantity and/ or thickness Shelf First side Second side position time (min. ) time (min. ) 7 7 7 6 6 4 6 6 6 5 6 6 9-12 10-12 12-14 15-18 18-22 28-33 13-18 6-10 8~10 11-13 7-9 8-10 5-7 4-6 5-7 13-16 16-18 13-18 5-10 3-4 4-6 5-8 3-4 4-6 Comments Space evenly. Brush steaks with melted butter. Beef Steaks Medium Well Done Medium Well Done Chicken Ground Beef 1 lb. (4 patties) ½ to ¾" thick Well Done 1" thick 1 to 1½ lbs. 1 whole cut up 2 to 2½ lbs. , split lengthwise 2 Breasts ¼ to ½" thick 2 (½" thick) 2 (1" thick) about 1 lb. 2 (1" thick) 4 (1" thick) about 1 lb. Fish Fillets Pork Chops Well Done Salmon Steaks 26_ Operating the oven uSinG the eASy cook feAture Slow Cook The Slow Cook feature may be used to cook food more slowly at lower oven temperatures. The extended cooking times allow better distribution of flavors in many recipes. Slow cooking meats may result on the exterior of meats becoming dark but nor burnt. Press the SET/START pad. Use only 1 rack and place the rack in position 2 or 3 for the best results. Preheating the oven will not be necessary. 04 OPERATING THE OVEN Chicken Nuggets This function is to cook convenience style frozen chicken nuggets. Press the SET/START pad. When using this function, place the oven rack in position 5 of 6 for the best result. Preheating the oven will not be necessary. Proof The proofing feature maintains a warm environment useful for rising yeast-leavened products. The proofing feature automatically provides the optimum temperature for the proof process, and therefore does not have a temperature adjustment. [. . . ] (SAMSUNG) and delivered new, in the original carton to the original consumer purchaser, is warranted by SAMSUNG against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a limited warranty period of: One (1) year Parts and Labor, Five (5) years Parts Warranty For Glass Cooktop and Radiant Surface Unit During this limited additional four-year warranty, you will responsible for any labor or in-home service. This limited warranty begins on the original date of purchase, and is valid only on products purchased and used in the United States. To receive warranty service, the purchaser must contact SAMSUNG for problem determination and service procedures. Warranty service can only be performed by a SAMSUNG authorized service center. [. . . ]


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