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[. . . ] GT-I8730 User Manual www. samsung. com About this manual This device provides high quality mobile communication and entertainment using Samsung’s high standards and technological expertise. This user manual is specially designed to detail the device’s functions and features. • lease read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. P • escriptions are based on the device’s default settings. [. . . ] • uidelines: Display viewfinder guides to help composition when selecting subjects. G • ontextual filename: Set the camera to display contextual tags. C • ake photos using voice: Set the camera to take photos with voice commands. T • ave as flipped: Invert the image to create a mirror-image of the original scene. R Shortcuts Reorganise shortcuts for easy access to the camera’s various options. Tap and hold an option and drag it to a slot at the left of the screen. The other icons can be moved within the list by tapping and dragging them. Gallery Use this application to view images and videos. • ome file formats are not supported depending on the software installed on the S device. • ome files may not play properly depending on how they are encoded. S 72 Media Viewing images Launching Gallery displays available folders. When another application, such as Email, saves an image, the download folder is automatically created to contain the image. Likewise, capturing a screenshot automatically creates the Screenshots folder. Scroll left or right to view the next or previous image. Zooming in and out Use one of the following methods to zoom in an image: • ouble-tap anywhere to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out, or double-tap to S return. Viewing images using the motion feature Use the motion feature to execute a function with particular motion. On the Applications screen, tap Settings → Motion, drag the Motion switch to the right, and then select features by ticking. To set the sensitivity for each motion feature, tap Sensitivity settings, select a feature, and then use the adjustable slide bar. Playing videos Video files show the icon on the preview. Select a video to watch it and tap . Editing images When viewing an image, tap and use the following functions: • lideshow: Start a slideshow with the images in the current folder. F 73 Media • ag buddy: Set the camera to display contextual tags. R • rop: Resize the blue frame to crop and save the image in it. S • uddy photo share: Send the image to a person whose face is tagged in the image. R • can for nearby devices: Search for devices that have media sharing activated. D Deleting images Use one of the following methods: • n a folder, tap I → Select item, select images by ticking, and then tap . [. . . ] Recharge or replace the battery to continue using the device. The battery does not charge properly or the device turns off • he battery terminals may be dirty. Wipe both gold-coloured contacts with a clean, soft T cloth and try charging the battery again. • f the battery no longer charges completely, dispose of the old battery properly I and replace it with a new battery (refer to your local ordinances for proper disposal instructions). Your device is hot to the touch When you use applications that require more power or use applications on your device for an extended period of time, your device may feel hot to the touch. This is normal and should not affect your device’s lifespan or performance. 117 Troubleshooting Error messages appear when launching the camera Your Samsung device must have sufficient available memory and battery power to operate the camera application. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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