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[. . . ] Rev. 1. 0 www. samsung. com Table of Contents Read me first Getting started 8 Device layout 9 Buttons 10 Package contents 11 Installing the SIM or USIM card and battery 14 Charging the battery 17 Inserting a memory card 19 Attaching a hand strap 19 Turning the device on and off 20 Holding the device 20 Locking and unlocking the device Personalising 40 40 43 44 44 45 45 Switching to easy mode Managing the Home and Apps screens Changing the screen lock method Setting wallpaper Changing ringtones Setting up accounts Moving contacts from other devices to your device Network connectivity 47 47 49 49 Connecting to a mobile network Connecting to a Wi-Fi network Using Smart network switch Tethering devices and using mobile hotspots Basics 21 24 25 29 33 33 35 37 39 Using the touch screen Indicator icons Notifications and quick setting panels Home and Apps screens Opening apps Installing or uninstalling apps Entering text Using the power saving feature Accessing help information Motions & usability features 52 Control motions 55 Toolbox Phone 56 Making calls 59 Receiving calls 60 During a call 2 Table of Contents Contacts 62 Adding contacts 63 Managing contacts 107 Using Video clip studio 108 Using Video trimmer Internet & SNS Messages & email 66 Messages 69 Email 71 Google Mail 109 Internet 110 Chrome 111 Hangouts Voice features Camera 73 Launching Camera 78 Using camera widgets 79 Separating the exposure area and the focus area 80 Using remote viewfinder 81 Using the shooting mode 91 Configuring settings 99 Configuring general settings 112 S Voice 114 Voice Recorder 116 Voice Search Multimedia 117 Music 120 Video 122 YouTube 123 Flipboard 123 Google+ 123 Photos 124 Play Games 124 Play Music 124 Play Newsstand Gallery 100 102 102 103 Viewing content on the device Accessing additional options Tagging faces Using Tag buddy Studio 104 Using Photo studio 105 Using Collage studio 106 Using Shot & more Safety 125 Emergency mode 127 Sending help messages 128 Severe weather notification (Geo News) 3 Table of Contents Utilities 130 S Finder 131 S Planner 134 Calculator 134 Clock 136 Drive 136 Dropbox 137 Google 138 Kids Mode 141 Maps 142 Memo 143 My Files Settings 162 About Settings 162 QUICK SETTINGS 162 NETWORK CONNECTIONS 167 CONNECT AND SHARE 168 SOUND AND DISPLAY 172 PERSONALISATION 173 MOTION 174 USER AND BACKUP 175 SYSTEM 182 APPLICATIONS 189 Google Settings Connecting with other devices 145 NFC 147 Bluetooth 150 S Beam 151 Quick Connect 155 Screen Mirroring 157 Using the mobile printing feature Accessibility 190 Accessibility 191 Using the Home button to open accessibility menus 191 TalkBack 202 Changing the font size 203 Magnifying the screen 203 Setting notification reminders 203 Turning off all sounds 204 Customising caption settings 205 Adjusting the sound balance 205 Using mono audio 205 Using auto haptic 206 Using the assistive menus 208 Using the smart scroll feature 208 Setting tap and hold delay options 209 Using interaction control mode 209 Answering or ending calls Device & data manager 158 Upgrading the device 159 Transferring files between the device and a computer 160 Backing up and restoring data 161 Performing a data reset 4 Table of Contents 210 Using single tap mode 210 Configuring accessibility settings 211 Using other useful features Troubleshooting Cleaning the device 5 Read me first This device provides mobile communication and media services using Samsung’s latest standards and technological expertise. This user manual and the information available at www. samsung. com contain details about the device’s functions and features. • lease read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. P • escriptions are based on the device’s default settings. [. . . ] To upload videos, drag the Include videos switch to the right. 136 Utilities 4 Use the following functions: • : Upload or open files. to share or delete files, or create Google Use this app to search the Internet. You can also use it to search for apps and app content saved on the device or memory card. This app may not be available depending on the region or service provider. Searching the device Tap the search field, and then enter a keyword. Alternatively, tap , and then say a keyword. Google Now View Google Now cards that show the current weather, public transit info, your next appointment, and more when you are most likely to need it. To change Google Now settings, tap → Settings, and then drag the Google Now switch to the left or right. This feature may not be available depending on the region or service provider. 137 Utilities Kids Mode Use this widget to provide a fun and safe environment for children by restricting children’s access to certain apps or content. When you launch this widget for the first time, tap Set PIN at the bottom of the screen. If the Kids Mode widget is accidentally uninstalled, you can reinstall it. On the Home screen, tap and hold an empty area, tap Widgets, tap and hold the Kids Mode widget. Drag the widget to the Home screen and tap Kids Mode to reinstall it. Kids mode home screen The Home screen is the starting point to access all of apps in kids mode. Kids Media Newly added apps Kids Gallery Kids Drawing Kids Camera Kids Voice Recorder Exit kids mode. Access parental control. 138 Utilities Use this app to play video files. Before you use this app, add videos that are saved on the device to the app. Refer to Parental control for details. Use this app to create a drawing with a pen, a brush, and more. Use this app to view saved images, drawings, voice recordings, and media files that you allow your child to access. Use this app to record or play voice recordings. Use this app to take photos or videos. 139 Utilities Kids mode play area Scroll right on the Home screen to open kids mode play area. You can interact with characters, background objects, and more. Parental control Use this feature to set restrictions for kids mode to control access to content and apps. To exit parental control, press the Home button. 140 Utilities Tap and use the following: • hildren’s name: View and edit children’s profile. C • ctivity: View information about how your children use the device, such as playing A duration and frequently-used apps. • aily playtime limit: Set a time limit to manage your children’s usage. D • pplications: View and add apps that are allowed to be used in kids mode. A • edia: Allow your children to access certain images and videos saved on the device. K Maps Use this app to pinpoint the location of the device, search for places, or get directions. This app may not be available depending on the region or service provider. Searching for locations Search for locations by entering an address or a keyword. [. . . ] F • nsure that the music file is not Digital Rights Management (DRM)-protected. If the file is E DRM-protected, ensure that you have the appropriate licence or key to play the file. If a file format is not supported, E such as DivX or AC3, install an app that supports it. To confirm the file formats that your device supports, visit www. samsung. com. [. . . ]


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