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[. . . ] Rev. 1. 1 www. samsung. com Table of Contents Read me first Getting started 7 8 10 13 16 19 21 21 Package contents Device layout S Pen Using the SIM or USIM card and battery Charging the battery Using a memory card Turning the device on and off Locking and unlocking the screen 47 47 48 49 50 Screen capture Using the dictionary My Files Power saving feature Viewing help information S Pen features 51 Air command 52 Action memo 54 Smart select 55 Image clip 56 Screen write 57 S Note 64 Scrapbook 65 Using the S Pen Basics 22 25 27 39 40 41 43 43 45 Using the touchscreen Home screen layout Edge screen All apps screen Indicator icons Notification and quick settings panels Opening apps Installing or uninstalling apps Entering text Motions & usability features 68 71 76 77 Motions and gestures Multi window One-handed operation Increasing touchscreen sensitivity 2 Table of Contents Personalising 78 Managing the Home and All apps screens 80 Setting wallpaper and ringtones 81 Changing the screen lock method 82 My Places 85 Finger Scanner 90 Private mode 91 Easy mode 92 Transferring data from your previous device 93 Setting up accounts Useful apps 117 Car mode 119 S Finder 120 S Planner 122 S Health 124 S Voice 126 Music 128 Video 130 Internet 131 Voice Recorder 133 Clock 135 Calculator 135 Dropbox 136 Flipboard 136 Smart Remote 139 Evernote 140 PEN. UP 140 Google apps Phone & contacts 95 Phone 98 Contacts Messages & email 100 Messages 101 Email Connecting with other devices 143 Quick Connect 145 Bluetooth 147 Wi-Fi Direct 148 NFC 151 Screen Mirroring 153 MirrorLink 154 Mobile printing Camera & gallery 103 Camera 112 Gallery Safety assistance 115 Emergency mode 116 Send help messages 3 Table of Contents Device & data manager 155 Updating the device 156 Transferring files between the device and a computer 157 Backing up and restoring data 157 Performing a data reset Settings 158 An introduction 158 Configuring settings 158 QUICK SETTINGS 159 CONNECTIONS 163 DEVICE 168 PERSONALISATION 170 SYSTEM 175 APPLICATIONS Accessibility 176 About Accessibility 176 Using the Home key to open accessibility menus 176 Voice feedback (TalkBack) 182 Vision 184 Hearing 186 Dexterity and interaction 189 Answering or ending calls 189 Using single tap mode 189 Managing accessibility settings Troubleshooting 4 Read me first Please read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. • escriptions are based on the device’s default settings. D • ome content may differ from your device depending on the region, service provider, or S device’s software. • ontent (high quality content) that requires high CPU and RAM usage will affect the C overall performance of the device. [. . . ] 4 Say a keyword or the address for the location. The device will automatically begin guiding you to the location. S Finder An introduction Search for a wide variety of content with a keyword. Searching for content Open the notification panel and tap S Finder. To get more refined results, tap the filter buttons under the search field, and then select a tag. Setting search categories You can set search categories to search for content in specific search fields. Tap → Settings → Select search category and tick categories. 119 Useful apps Managing the search history Your past searches are saved automatically. next to an To set the device to not save the search history, tap → Settings, and deselect Use search history. S Planner An introduction Manage your schedule by entering upcoming events or tasks in your planner. Creating events or tasks 1 Tap S Planner on the All apps screen. 2 Tap or double-tap a date. If the date already has saved events or tasks in it, tap the date and tap . 3 Tap the top left of the screen to select either event or task and enter details. • dd event: Set a start and end date for an event. Attach a map showing the location of the event. Set a start and end date for the event. Set a reminder for the event. Add more details. 4 Tap Save to save the event or task. Syncing events and tasks with your accounts On the S Planner main screen, tap → Sync now to sync events and tasks with your accounts. To add accounts to sync with, tap → Calendars → Add account. When an account is added, a green circle is displayed next to the account name. To change an account’s syncing option, open the All apps screen, tap Settings → Accounts, and then select an account service. 121 Useful apps S Health An introduction S Health helps you manage your wellness and fitness. Set fitness goals, check your progress, and keep track of your overall wellness and fitness. Starting S Health When running this app for the first time or restart it after performing a data reset, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. 1 Tap S Health on the All apps screen. 2 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. Based on your physical statistics, the device calculates your standard basal metabolic rate (BMR) and recommends a daily calorie intake. The recommendation may not be accurate for all ages, body compositions, or nutritional needs. S Health main screen You can view the key information from S Health menus and use shortcuts to directly access S Health menus. To access more information about S Health functions, open the S Health main screen and tap → Help. 122 Useful apps Additional information • he purpose for such data collection is limited to providing the service that you have T requested, including providing additional information to enhance your wellness, back up/sync data, data analysis and statistics or to develop and provide better services. (But if you sign in to your Samsung account from S Health, your data may be saved on the server for data backup purposes. ) Personal information may be stored until the completion of such purposes. You can delete personal data stored by S Health by using the Reset data option in the Settings menu. To delete any data you have shared with social networks or transferred to storage devices, you must delete them separately. • ou assume full responsibility for the inappropriate use of data shared on social networks Y or transmitted to others. • f the device is connected to measuring devices, verify the communication protocol to I confirm proper operation. If you use a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or ANT+, the device may be affected by electronic interference from other devices. • he content used in the S Health app may vary depending on the software version of T the app. The services provided with the app are subject to change or the cancellation of support without prior notice. [. . . ] This is normal and should not affect your device’s lifespan or performance. Error messages appear when launching the camera Your device must have sufficient available memory and battery power to operate the camera app. If you receive error messages when launching the camera, try the following: • harge the battery or replace it with a battery that is fully charged. C • ree some memory by transferring files to a computer or deleting files from your device. If you are still having trouble with the camera app after trying these R tips, contact a Samsung Service Centre. Photo quality is poorer than the preview • he quality of your photos may vary, depending on the surroundings and the T photography techniques you use. [. . . ]


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