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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] POWERbot User manual SR1✴M70✴✴✴✴, SR2✴M70✴✴✴✴ Series • Before operating this unit, please read the instructions carefully. Indd 1 2017-05-22 오후 3:32:17 Contents 03 08 10 12 15 17 Safety information Installation Accessories / Installation note Charging Automatic charging / Recharging / Low battery (Lo) Using POWERbot Turning the power on/off / Selecting cleaning modes / Using special cleaning functions Installing the Virtual guard Part name of the Virtual guard / Inserting batteries Using the remote control Top / Bottom / Display panel 20 Name of each part 22 Setting time/schedule Setting the time / Setting the schedule 25 Cleaning and maintaining Cleaning the dustbin / Cleaning the sensors and the camera / Cleaning the brush and Auto shutter tool / Cleaning the Driving wheel 27 Samsung Connect App 31 Notes and cautions 33 Information codes 35 Troubleshooting 37 Warnings about battery 38 Open Source Announcement 39 Specifications Charging / Using / Cleaning and maintenance / About the battery / About the IrDA sensor ENGLISH-02 1_VR7000_EN_DJ68-00763K-05_SW. Indd 2 2017-05-22 오후 3:32:17 Safety information SAFETY INFORMATION • Before operating the appliance, please read this manual thoroughly and WARNING retain it for your reference. € Because these following operating instructions cover various models, the WARNING characteristics of your vacuum cleaner may differ slightly from those described in this manual. [. . . ] Indd 25 2017-05-22 오후 3:32:29 Cleaning and maintaining Cleaning the brush and Auto shutter tool Brush design may differ depending on the model. 1 Remove the brush cover 2 Remove the brush 3 Clean the brush 4 Clean the auto shutter 5 Reassemble the brush 6 Reassemble the brush tool cover Cleaning the Driving wheel and place 1 Put a soft cloth on the floor the cloth. Indd 26 2017-05-22 오후 3:32:31 Samsung Connect App Setting up the wireless router ffSamsung POWERbot supports only Wi-Fi 2. The Samsung Connect App is only compatible with models that have a Wi-Fi function. FfPlease refer to the user manual of your wireless router if you have access problems. ffSamsung POWERbot supports only DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Please make sure that the DHCP server option is activated on your wireless router. FfPOWERbot supports the WEP-OPEN, WPA-PSK/TKIP, and WPA2-PSK/AES for the authentication and encryption protocols. FfThe quality of your wireless network connection may be influenced by the surrounding wireless environment. FfIf your Internet service provider has permanently registered the MAC address (a unique identification number) of your PC or modem, your POWERbot may not be able to connect to the Internet. Ask your Internet service provider about the procedure to connect an apparatus other than a PC to the Internet. FfIf your internet service provider requires your ID or password to connect to the internet, your POWERbot may not be able to connect. If this is the case, you must enter your ID or password when connecting to the Internet. FfThe POWERbot may not be able to connect to the Internet because of firewall issues. FfSome wireless routers may transmit an abnormal Domain Name Server (DNS) address even if the Internet is not connected. If this occurs, contact the manufacturer of your wireless router and your Internet service provider. FfIf you still cannot connect to the Internet even after trying the procedure provided by your Internet service provider, please contact an authorized Samsung service center. FfIf your router is not a Wi-Fi certified product, The POWERbot may not be able to connect to the Internet. Indd 27 2017-05-22 오후 3:32:31 Samsung Connect App Downloading the Samsung Connect App ffDownload and install the Samsung Connect app from the markets (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Samsung Galaxy Apps). FfThe Samsung Connect app is subject to change without notice for improvements in usability and performance. Setting up a Samsung account ffYou must sign in to a Samsung account before using the Samsung connect app. FfTo set up a Samsung account, you can follow the directions provided by the Samsung Connect app. [. . . ] €– When the wall itself is made of reflective material –– When the wall is a dark color fCheck whether small obstacles are arranged in a narrow f space. FWhen the POWERbot recognizes the front obstacle as a f wall, Edge clean master function may work. The Edge clean master function fWhen the degree of the angle of a corner which the f works though the POWERbot has not POWERbot detects is large, the Edge clean master function approached a wall or corner. œ✻Hereby, Samsung Electronics, declares that the radio equipment type appliance is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. [. . . ]


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