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[. . . ] To receive more complete service, please register your product at www. Before Reading This User Manual This TV comes with this user manual and an embedded e-Manual. Before reading this user manual, review the following: User Manual Read this provided user manual to see information about product safety, installation, accessories, initial configuration, and product specifications. E-Manual For more information about this TV, read the e-Manual embedded in the product. [. . . ] Make sure that the positive and negative ends are facing in the correct direction. English - 13 05 Initial Setup The initial setup dialogue box appears when the TV is first activated. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the initial setup process. You can manually perform this process at a later time in the Setup menu. €• If you connect any device to HDMI1 before starting the installation, the Channel Source will be changed to Settop box automatically. €• If you do not want to select Set-top box, please select Aerial. > Settings > General > Start Using the TV Controller You can turn on the TV with the TV Controller button at the bottom of the TV, and then use the Control Menu. The Control menu appears when the TV Controller is pressed while the TV is On. Control menu : Power off : Channel Up : Channel Down : Volume Up : Volume Down : Source TV Controller / Remote control sensor Press: Move Press & Hold: Select The TV Controller is located on the bottom of the TV. English - 14 06 Connecting to a Network Connecting the TV to a network gives you access to online services, such as Smart Hub, as well as software updates. English Network Connection - Wireless Connect the TV to the Internet using a standard router or modem. Wireless IP Router or Modem with a DHCP Server The LAN Port on the Wall LAN Cable (Not Supplied) Network Connection - Wired Connect your TV to your network using a LAN cable. * Shielded Twist Pair English - 15 07 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Troubleshooting If the TV seems to have a problem, first review this list of possible problems and solutions. Com” and click on Support, or contact the call centre listed on the back cover of this manual. €• This TFT LED panel is made up of sub pixels which require sophisticated technology to produce. €• To keep your TV in optimum condition, upgrade to the latest software. Use the Update Now or Auto update functions on the TV's menu ( > Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now or Auto update). €• Make sure that the AC power cord is securely plugged in to the TV and the wall outlet. €• Make sure that the wall outlet is working and the power indicator on the TV is lit and glowing a solid red. €• Try pressing the Power button on the TV to make sure that the problem is not with the remote control. If the TV turns on, refer to “Remote control does not work” below. There is no picture/video/sound, or a distorted picture/video/sound from an external device, or “Weak or No Signal” is displayed on the TV, or you cannot find a channel. [. . . ] SUS-språk (russisk, ukrainsk, kasakhisk) er ikke tilgjengelige for dette produktet som følge av at det er produsert for kunder i EU-området. €• Samsung-smartkontroll & batterier (AA x 2) •• Brukerhåndbok •• TV-strømkabel •• Garantikort/Sikkerhetsveiledning (ikke tilgjengelig alle steder) 4EA Adapter for COMPONENT IN / AV IN (ikke tilgjengelig alle steder) Adapter for veggfeste CI kort-adapter Kabelfører •• Delenes farge og utforming kan variere, avhengig av modell. Adapter for veggfeste Veggbrakett TV C Adapter for veggfeste Veggbrakett TV C •• Samsung Electronics er ikke ansvarlig for skader som måtte oppstå på produktet, eller skader på deg selv eller andre, hvis du velger å montere veggfestet på egen hånd. €• For veggfester som ikke samsvarer med VESA-standarden for skruespesifikasjoner kan lengden på skruene variere avhengig av spesifikasjonene for veggfestet. [. . . ]


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