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[. . . ] 14 SE_ESPRESSO_EX1500_SEB EX1500 07/02/12 17:13 Page15 Description Espresso: e e1Boiler safety lid e2Lateral steam button e3Steam nozzle e4Cappuccino nozzle e5Espresso jug lid e6Espresso jug e7Drip catcher e8Filter for 2 to 4 cups e9Filter holder e10Measuring spoon SFunction selector switch Coffee: c c1Water compartment for filter coffee c2Filter basket c3Swivelling filter holder c4Water level gauge c5“Stop and serve” option c6Coffee jug hinged lid c7Coffee jug c8Non-stick warming plate EN Safety instructions • Before turning your espresso machine on, read these instructions for use carefully. Check that the voltage indicated on the rating plate of the appliance corresponds to the voltage of your mains electricity. €¢ Your appliance is designed for domestic indoor use only. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply. [. . . ] It is recommended that you use a level spoon of ground coffee per cup. After you have used it a number of times, you will be able to adjust the amount of coffee to your taste. It is not recommended that you use a grind that is too fine, such as one that has the texture of powder, because this prevents the water from going through the filter. Close the filter holder and ensure that it is properly in place (figure 5). After the infusion cycle, there will be less fresh coffee that there was water. This is because the ground coffee absorbs a certain amount of the water. To help you in making your coffee, the levels indicated on the machine and the glass jug take account of this absorption. The light comes on to indicate that the percolation cycle has started (figure 8). €œStop and serve” function The “Stop and serve” function is the answer that SEB has dreamt up for people who are impatient to drink their first cup of coffee!It is a little mechanism that automatically stops the coffee from flowing into the filter cone if the glass jug is taken off the warming plate during the infusion cycle. There can be a period of around 20 seconds between the moment the jug is taken off the warming plate and the moment it is put back in place. The “Stop and serve” mechanism is so efficient that not a single drop of coffee falls onto the warming plate. Once the jug has been put back in place, the infusion cycle starts up again and the coffee starts dripping into the jug again. Leave the hot descaling solution to cool down before passing it through the water compartment again. Then pass 2 full water compartments of clear water through in the same way. Place the appliance close to a wall socket and release the length of cord necessary to plug it in ATTENTION!Place the filter basket (e8) in the filter holder (e9) Do not pack the coffee down too much. Do not go over the mark indicating 4 cups inside and swivel it around until it locks into place the filter basket. Press the coffee down gently and remove any residue from around the filter holder, in order to be able to set it in the percolation head properly (figure 10). To position the filter holder, move the handle to the left, life the filter holder in the percolation head and turn it to the right, until it blocks. 19 SE_ESPRESSO_EX1500_SEB EX1500 07/02/12 17:13 Page20 If the filter holder handle is not centred when it is in position, do not turn the machine on. Remove the filter holder and reinsert it as described above (figure 11). [. . . ] - If the nozzle is blocked, remove the plastic base of the cappuccino nozzle (figure 20), once the machine is cold, and then unscrew the end of the nozzle (figure 21). Keep the cloth over the end of the nozzle, to cover it, and open the steam nozzle. Let the steam escape into the cloth for a second or two, then close the nozzle again. If the openings through which the air is drawn in are blocked up, you can use a little needle to clean them out. [. . . ]


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