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[. . . ] 24 INTRODUCTION Dear Customer, Before using the appliance, please read the following instructions carefully and keep this manual for future reference. The appliance must only be used by persons familiar with these instructions. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ∙ In order to avoid hazards, repairs to this electrical appliance or its power cord must be carried out by our customer service. If repairs are needed, please send the appliance to our customer service department (see appendix). [. . . ] During preparation, make sure the baking-tin is only two thirds full of all the ingredients (approx. 10 = NORMAL CAKES Suitable for cakes where baking powder is used instead of yeast. In this way, the rising phase can be modified according to the type of dough before the BAKING programme is started. 18 ∙ Short Programme 700g and 1000g: These programmes are suitable for baking bread in a shorter period of time. With a shortened rising phase, the loaves will turn out slightly smaller and firmer than usual. Best results are generally achieved with a water temperature of around 48-50°C. With the temperature too low, the bread may not rise sufficiently strongly; too high a temperature will cause the yeast contained in the dough to rise too early, again leading to an unsatisfactory baking result. ˆ In the programmes STANDARD, WHITE BREAD, WHOLEMEAL, CAKES WITH YEAST, CAKE and SANDWICH, you may add such ingredients as wheat germ, sunflower seeds, herbs, caraway seeds, ground pepper, ground nuts, muesli, hominy grits, finely cut bacon cubes etc. ˆ An acoustic signal indicates when the most suitable time for adding these ingredients has been reached. The table below shows the most suitable times as ‘•’. 2:55 3:00 x Total 1:20 Total 1:00 Programme 1st Kneading phase 1st Rising phase 2nd Kneading phase 2nd Rising phase Short stirring phase (Knock back) 3rd Rising phase Last rising phase Baking Programme running time Acoustic signal during programme Menu 9 JAM, MARMALADE Menu 12 BAKING Pre-heating 15 min. Important information ∙ If you observe flour residue on the walls of the baking-tin, open the lid during the kneading phase, and use a rubber scraper to move the flour back into the dough so that it can be properly processed. ˆ When using yeast, the kneading hook may be removed after the final kneading phase. 19 USING THE BREAD-MAKER Your new bread-maker allows you to: ∙ bake breads to various recipes, some of which can be found in the appendix to this manual. However, this bread-maker also allows you to use commercially available ready-to-bake mixtures with up to 500g of solid ingredients (for a loaf of up to 1000g). ˆ If you need to interrupt the programme during operation, press the button for approx. ˆ Once the bread or dough is ready, a multiple acoustic signal is heard and the time display shows 0:00. Should the kneading hook be stuck in the bread, it should be carefully removed using the extractor tool supplied. To allow the underside of the loaf to cool down as well, it should be placed on a suitable wire rack. ˆ If the bread-maker is not switched off immediately after the programme running time has elapsed, the bread will be kept warm automatically for a period of 60 minutes. 20 CLEANING AND CARE ∙ Caution: before cleaning the appliance, ensure that the plug has been removed from the wall socket, and that the appliance has cooled down. ˆ Turn the baking-tin anti-clockwise, lift it out and remove the kneading hook. [. . . ] However, in this case only the STANDARD programme should be used, choosing the darker browning setting. Always start the programme immediately after the ingredients have been put in. For gluten-free bread, commercially available ready-to-bake mixes are most suitable. 7 kg Pre-programmable up to 13 hours 12 Measuring cup, measuring spoon, kneading hook extractor This product complies with all binding CE labelling directives. [. . . ]


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