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[. . . ] 17 GB Microwave oven Dear Customer, Before using the microwave oven, please read the following instructions carefully and keep this manual for future reference. The appliance must only be used by persons familiar with these instructions. Temperature Setting the clock Weight Grill function Microwave function Automatic programmes Defrosting according to time 20 Safety instructions Important safety instructions Please read the following instructions carefully and keep this instruction manual for future reference. Connection to the mains supply The appliance should only be connected to an earthed socket installed in accordance with the regulations. [. . . ] ˆ™âˆ™ hould any smoke be noticed during operation, keep the door closed to inhibit or S smother any flames. Switch the unit off immediately and remove the plug from the wall socket. ˆ™âˆ™ o prevent danger of burns, a suitable oven-cloth must always be used when T removing food items from the oven, since the utensils and cooking containers heat up not only during use of the grill function, but also during microwave operation. 23 ∙∙ pecial food thermometers (as used in conventional baking ovens) are not suitable S for use with microwave ovens. Before using for the first time ∙∙ fter unpacking and every time before connecting the unit to the power supply, A check the unit and its power cord carefully for any signs of damage. ˆ™âˆ™ aution: Ensure that the door, including the inspection window, door seals and C locks, are not damaged or bent and that it closes firmly against the support. This is important to ensure that no microwave energy is allowed to escape during operation. For the same reason, the entire casing as well as the inside of the oven must be carefully checked. Should the unit show any signs of damage, it must not be used under any circumstances until it has been repaired by a qualified technician. ˆ™âˆ™ emove any exterior and interior packaging materials, and any stickers found. ˆ™âˆ™ o not remove the protective film covering the inside of the door, nor the turntable/ drive unit or the grey-brown protective D cover (6) next to the light on the right of the interior. ˆ™âˆ™ aution: Keep any packaging materials well away from children – such materials are a potential source of danger, e. ˆ™âˆ™ Before the appliance is used for the first time, or after extended periods of non-use, it should be thoroughly cleaned as described in the section Cleaning. ˆ™âˆ™ nsert the roller ring/drive unit and the glass turntable into the unit. I ∙∙ o not operate the appliance without the roller ring/drive unit and glass turntable properly fitted. D ∙∙ efore the microwave appliance is used for the first time, let it heat up on the grill setting (without the microwave function B activated) for approximately 10 minutes. This will remove the smell typically encountered when first switching on a grill. A little smoke may be emitted; this is quite normal, but ensure there is sufficient ventilation. ˆ™âˆ™ This appliance is a group 2 class B ISM device. Group 2 contains all ISM devices (industrial, scientific, medical) generating radio frequency energy and/or using radio frequency energy in the form of electro-magnetic radiation to process materials; it also comprises spark erosion devices. Class B specifies devices designed for domestic use, or any similar devices integrated in the general power grid supplying domestic units. Note: Do not switch the unit on unless the food to be heated or cooked has been placed inside the oven. [. . . ] ˆ™âˆ™ When using the combination or grill function, do not cover the food to be cooked. C ∙∙ Note: The following steps are used for setting the cooking time: 0 – 5 minutes : 10-second steps 5 – 10 minutes : 30-second steps 10 – 30 minutes : 1-minute steps 30 – 95 minutes : 5-minute steps ∙∙ ress the rotary control to start a programme. P ∙∙ s the programme is started, the turntable starts to rotate. A ∙∙ f, during operation, the door is opened or the I key is pressed (e. [. . . ]


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