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[. . . ] 17 GB Microwave oven Dear Customer, Before using the microwave oven, please read the following instructions carefully and keep this manual for future reference. The appliance must only be used by persons familiar with these instructions. Temperature Setting the clock Weight Grill function Microwave function Automatic programmes Defrosting according to time 20 Safety instructions Important safety instructions Please read the following instructions carefully and keep this instruction manual for future reference. Connection to the mains supply The appliance should only be connected to an earthed socket installed in accordance with the regulations. [. . . ] P ∙∙ lastic cooking containers especially designed for use with microwave ovens are available at most kitchenware dealers. Should be punctured to be able to release any high pressure during cooking. C Using the grill function ∙∙ When using the grill function, any heat-resistant containers or plates suitable for conventional ovens may be used. ˆ∙ The food to be cooked can be put directly on the grill rack, which is then placed on the glass turntable. Using the microwave/grill combination function ∙∙ hen using the microwave/grill combination, the microwave and grill functions are activated alternately. The containers W or plates must therefore be suitable for use in a microwave appliance as well as being heat-resistant. Note: Should you experience a problem when switching the appliance on, first verify that the safety device is not activated. 25 General operating sequence ∙∙ lace the food to be heated in a suitable container. P ∙∙ hen food is placed in the microwave, it should be covered to prevent it from drying out. Glass or plastic covers W especially designed for use with microwave appliances are available at most kitchenware dealers. ˆ∙ When using the combination or grill function, do not cover the food to be cooked. C ∙∙ Note: The following steps are used for setting the cooking time: 0 – 5 minutes : 10-second steps 5 – 10 minutes : 30-second steps 10 – 30 minutes : 1-minute steps 30 – 95 minutes : 5-minute steps ∙∙ ress the rotary control to start a programme. P ∙∙ s the programme is started, the turntable starts to rotate. A ∙∙ f, during operation, the door is opened or the I key is pressed (e. To stir or to turn the food in order to ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed), the timer and programme functions are automatically suspended. The programme will automatically resume only after the door is closed again and the rotary control is pressed. ˆ∙ eep signals indicates that the pre-programmed cooking time has elapsed; at the same time, the interior lighting switches B off and the display shows ‘End’. O ∙∙ n order to achieve an even heat distribution through the food, the container should be set aside for several minutes. I ∙∙ f the door is not opened immediately after the pre-programmed operating time has elapsed, a number of beep signals are I heard every 2 minutes. cooling-off function: This microwave oven has an automatic cooling feature. After any operating time exceeding two to three minutes, the cooling fan will automatically run for several minutes after the programme stops. However, it must not be used in the microwave and combination programmes. [. . . ] Interior lighting The interior light comes on when the door is opened; it also remains on during operation. 30 Cleaning ∙∙ The microwave should be cleaned regularly, removing any food residue right away after use. ˆ∙ Before cleaning the appliance, ensure it is disconnected from the power supply and has cooled down completely. ˆ∙ Do not clean the unit with water: ensure that no water is allowed to enter the ventilation slots on the inside or outside of the unit. [. . . ]


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