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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User manual models: LC-43CUF8462ES LC-43CUF8462KS LC-49CUF8462ES LC-49CUF8462KS LC-55CUF8462ES LC-55CUF8462KS 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 8 10 12 15 11 14 16 13 17 18 19 22 21 26 25 29 28 24 27 23 20 EN Important safety instructions • Storms are dangerous for all electric appliances. If the mains or aerial wiring is struck by lightening the appliance might get damaged, even if it is turned off. You should disconnect all the cables and connectors of the appliance before a storm. € To clean the screen of the appliance use only a damp and soft cloth. [. . . ] Connections Please see the table for connector types for different models available on the page 12. The content will be divided into various file types: Photo, Music and Movie. The ‘File Option’ will show and allow you to play all types of supported content. While viewing content you can control the playback modes using the remote control buttons or by bringing up the playback navigation menu and selecting on-screen buttons and [OK] NOTE: USB extension cables are not recommended as they can cause a reduction in picture/audio quality and stoppages during play back of USB content. Media Server - Automatically searches for digital media servers (DMS) connected to your home network and enables the playback and rendering of content from media servers NOTE: ‘Media Server’ is not provided by the TV manufacturer, you can download third party software and install it on your computer or NAS. Wireless Connection* - Allows you to view content from your smart phone or tablet on the TV screen. Wireless connection is formed using Wi-Fi Direct, so access to a Wi-Fi network is not needed. You can share content from your smartphone or tablet based on Android 4. WiDi (Wireless Display)* - lets you easily stream movies, videos, photos and music directly to your TV screen. You’ll need a laptop, smartphone, or tablet with Intel® WiDi technology. * - This function is only available on selected smartphones and notebooks. EN Sources From this menu, you can switch your TV input signal to different source/ connected device. € Active Contrast - Automatically optimises the ‘backlight’ and ‘contrast’ of the picture according to the brightness of the screen. € CMS Hue - This is a standard to adjust the colour either more reddish or more bluish in tone. TV will turn off all picture postprocessing functions to achieve minimal input lag. € Cinema - Movies are played at original 24/25 frames per second, to get feel of real cinema. Tint - Lets you increase or decrease the level of tint within the picture (for NTSC signal only). Backlight - Adjust the screen's brightness by increasing/ decreasing the panel's backlighting. Backlight Mode - allows you to modify way how panel backlighting works. € Scanning - rapidly flashes the backlight in a sequence from the top to the bottom of the screen to reduce motion blur. € Zoom 1/2 - The picture is the correct proportion but zoomed in to fill the screen. € Dot by Dot (HDMI) - Will display the picture in its original resolution without any change. [. . . ] NOTE: To meet our customers’ demands, we are improving our products. As a result of our ongoing efforts new applications will be added continuously to the AQUOS NET+. Some of the functions and content may not be available in your country. € Press the play/pause button and the television will pause and the live content will be recorded. [. . . ]


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