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[. . . ] User manual LC-60UI7652E LC-70UI7652E LC-60UI9362E LC-70UI9362E EN DE FR IT ES PT PL NL 1 ON/OFF MUTE 2 1 4 7 4 TV GUIDE 2 5 8 0 PICTURE 3 6 9 3 5 6 7 SOUND VOL SOURCE CH 8 9 10 11 MEN U EX IT 12 OK 13 14 17 16 20 24 23 28 27 31 BAC K FAV 15 18 19 21 22 25 26 29 30 INFO TEXT SUBTITLE TV NET + DVD MEN U DVD SETU P REC LIST PVR/MEDIA GO TO A-B 3D REP EAT Trademarks • The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing, LLC in the United States and other countries. • The "DIGITALEUROPE UHD Display" logo is a trademark of DIGITALEUROPE. € The DVB logo is the registered trademark of the Digital Video Broadcasting - DVB - project. Dolby, Dolby Audio and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. [. . . ] For more information about setting up date/time in TV, please refer to the TIME menu chapter of this user guide. Please ensure that your network is not blocking access to YouTube and the speed of your internet connection is fast enough for viewing YouTube content. Connections Please see the table for connector types for different models available on the page 68. Navigation in the browser: – CH+ - scroll page up – CH- - scroll page down – Red Button - show/hide browser menu bar – Yellow Button - Zoom in – Blue Button - Zoom out R L Y G B R W R SETTINGS QUICK SETTINGS Audio Track - Allows you to choose different audio language for Digital TV or media. Subtitle - Turn subtitles on and off Subtitle Track - Appears when Subtitles (above) are turned on and allows you to select which subtitle track is to be used Teletext - Turn Teletext on or off Record List - Shows a list of recorded TV programmes via a connected USB memory stick or USB hard drive. TV will turn off all picture postprocessing functions to achieve minimal input lag. Tint - Lets you increase or decrease the level of tint within the picture (for NTSC signal only). € Zoom 1/2 - The picture is the correct proportion but zoomed in to fill the screen. € Dot by Dot (HDMI) - Will display the picture in its original resolution without any change. Expert Settings – Noise Reduction - Filters and reduces the noise (interference) of the picture. € Gamma - Adjust the tones between the bright and dark parts of the picture. € Active Contrast - Automatically optimises the ‘backlight’ and ‘contrast’ of the picture according to the brightness of the screen. € Backlight - Adjust the screen's brightness by increasing/ decreasing the panel's backlighting. € Red - Adjust red tone of the picture – Green - Adjust green tone of the picture – Blue - Adjust blue tone of the picture – CMS Hue - This is a standard to adjust the colour either more reddish or more bluish in tone. – CMS Saturation - Increases or decreases the saturation of a selected colour. Auto Volume Level (AVL) - When ‘on’ is selected, the volume will stay at a constant level regardless of input/source. Expert Settings – Balance - To switch the sound between the left and right speakers. The equalizer sound levels can only be adjusted when the sound mode ‘Personal’ is selected. € AD Volume - to adjust volume of Audio Description sound track CHANNEL DVB Antenna - Set the type of DTV signal – Air - Terrestrial (DVB-T) – Cable - Cable (DVB-C) Auto Scan - Allows you to retune the television for all digital channels, digital radio stations and analogue channels. Analogue Manual Tuning - Allows you to manually tune your analogue signal. Digital Manual Tuning - Allows you to manually tune your digital signal. Auto update channel list - if you set this option ON, channel positions, names and frequencies will be periodically updated by the provider. [. . . ] My apps - By adding apps to the “My Apps” list, you will be able to quickly access your favourite apps. To add an app to the list, simply highlight any app and press the green button, this will now appear in your "My apps" list. To remove an unwanted app from the “My Apps” list, you must highlight the app you want to delete and press GREEN button. USB Record - Digital mode* Built into this television is a USB record facility. [. . . ]


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