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[. . . ] GB This operation manual contains important information which you should read carefully before using your microwave oven. Important: There may be a serious risk to health if this operation manual is not followed or if the oven is modified so that it operates with the door open. I SPECIFICATIONS Model name: AC Line Voltage Distribution line fuse/circuit breaker AC Power required: Microwave Output power: Microwave Off Mode (Energy Save Mode) Microwave Frequency Outside Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) mm Cavity Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D)** mm Oven Capacity Turntable Weight Oven lamp R-242 : 230 V, 50 Hz single phase : 10 A : 1270 W : 800 W : less than 1. 0 W : 2450 MHz* : 439 , 5 x 257 , 8 x 358 , 5 : 306 , 0 x 208 , 2 x 306 , 6 : 20 litres** : ø 255 mm : approx. [. . . ] Water vapour or drops may occasionally form on the oven walls or around the door seals and sealing surfaces. This is a normal occurrence and is not an indication of microwave leakage or a malfunction. € If the electrical power supply to your microwave oven is interrupted, the display will intermittently show “0:00” - after the power is reinstated. MICROWAVE POWER LEVEL Power Level Press the MICROWAVE POWER LEVEL key • Your oven has 11 power levels, as shown. Display (Percentage) • To change the power level for cooking, press the MICROWAVE POWER LEVEL key until the display indicates the desired level. 100P • To check the power level during cooking, press the MICROWAVE POWER LEVEL key. 90P As long as your finger is pressing the MICRO80P WAVE POWER LEVEL key the power level will be displayed. The oven continues to count 70P down although the display will show the 60P power level. 50P • If “0P” is selected, the oven will work with fan for no power. 30P 20P 10P 0P HIGH MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM MEDIUM LOW (DEFROST) LOW x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 Generally the following recommendations apply: 100P/ 90P - (HIGH) used for fast cooking or reheating e. 80P/ 70P - (MEDIUM HIGH) used for longer cooking of dense foods such as roast joints, meat loaf and plated meals, also for sensitive dishes such as sponge cakes. At this reduced setting, the food will cook evenly without over cooking at the sides. 60P/ 50P - (MEDIUM) for dense foods which require a long cooking time when cooked conventionally, e. Beef casserole, it is advisable to use this power setting to ensure the meat will be tender. 40P/ 30P - (MEDIUM LOW) to defrost, select this power setting, to ensure that the dish defrosts evenly. This setting is also ideal for simmering rice, pasta, dumplings and cooking egg custard. GB-8 MANUAL OPERATION Opening the door: To open the oven door, push the door opening button. Starting the oven: Prepare and place food in a suitable container onto the turntable or place directly onto the turntable. Close the door and press the START/ +1min key after selecting the desired cooking mode. Once the cooking programme has been set and the START/ +1min key is not pressed in 1 minute, the setting will be cancelled. The START/ +1min key must be pressed to continue cooking if the door is opened during cooking. The audible signal sounds once by efficient press, inefficient press will be no response. [. . . ] Care should be taken if using fine glassware as it can break or crack if heated suddenly. It is not recommended to use metal cookware as it will arc, which can lead to fire. Care must be taken as some containers warp, melt or discolour at high temperatures. It should not touch the food and must be pierced to let the steam escape. [. . . ]


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