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[. . . ] –  The statutory regulations of the respective country, as well as those of the local electricity and water suppliers, must be adhered to. –  The continuous-flow heater is a Class I appliance and must be connected to the protective earth. ■ The appliance must be permanently connected to installed pipes. The conductor cross-section must comply with the installed appliance power. [. . . ] Installation note ■ The installation of non plug-in ready appliances must be undertaken by the respective utility operator or by a qualified specialist company, who can also assist you when you are requesting the approval of the utility company for installation of the appliance. Unpacking/removing the cover ■ Unpack the appliance and check for transport damage. –  Dispose of the packaging and, where applicable, the old appliance, in an environmentally conscious manner. –  At low water pipe pressure, check whether the II setting switches on even when water is drawn from several coldwater taps simultaneously. If not, remove the flow limiter (refer to additional information A). –  Instruct the user with regard to the operation of the continuous-flow heater. A B Preparation for installation Important: Only use the enclosed installation set. The electrical connection (connection cable) must be disconnected from the power supply. Additional information Wall mounting ■ The continuous-flow heater must be fitted securely to the wall. –  The sleeve must fit tightly round the connection cable. If the sleeve is damaged during installation, the holes must be sealed water-tight. –  If the water pressure of the interior system is low, do not operate the continuous-flow heater at full power, but remove the flow limiter (Fig. 9 en Specifications DH12400 DH18400 DH21400 DH24400 DH40018 DH40021 DH40024 Rated power [kW] Rated voltage Economy setting e [kW] 1st stage 2nd stage Intensive setting II [kW] 1st stage 2nd stage Switch-on point [I/min] 1st stage 2nd stage Mixed water [I/min] at rated power approx. 50 °C (supply temperature 12 °C) Minimum flow pressure of appliance* [MPa (bar)] with flow limiter without flow limiter Application area in water specific electric resistance at 15 °C [Ωcm] Rated pressure [MPa (bar)] Maximum permissible supply temperature [°C] Energy efficiency class Load profile Annual energy consumption [kWh] Daily energy consumption [kWh] Sound power level [dB] Hot water heating energy efficiency [%] * Plus any pressure loss at the tap mixer 13. 1 C Dimensions Special accessories ■ BZ 45U20 Pipe set: for use of the continuous-flow heater as an under sink appliance ■ Priority switch (load shedding relay) BZ 45L21: for operation with the priority circuit ■ Mounting set BZ 45K23: for surface-mount installation 10 en Operating instructions Please read and observe the detailed safety instructions at the start of these instructions!–  Immediately shut off the cold water supply to the appliance should it leak. Startup after a water cutoff ■ Disconnect the appliance from the mains supply (remove the fuses in the fusebox). –  Turn on the hot-water tap until the air is purged from the pipe. Saving energy Use the “e” setting whenever possible. For wash basins: Open the corner valve to such an extent that only the lower heat setting switches on. Getting to know your appliance The continuous-flow heater heats the water as it flows through the appliance. D Winter operation Note: It is possible in winter that the supply temperature of the water is reduced and the required outlet temperature is no longer achieved. [. . . ] Reduce the water flow on the taps until the desired water temperature is reached. Customer If the fault could not be eliminated, please call customer service. Disposal This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning used electrical and electronic appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE). The guideline determines the framework for the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable throughout the EU. [. . . ]


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