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[. . . ] All operations relating to installation, connection, regulation and conversion to other gas types must be performed by an authorised technician, respecting all applicable regulations, standards and the specifications of the local gas and electricity suppliers. This appliance leaves the factory set to the gas type that is indicated on the specifications plate. If this needs to be changed, please consult the assembly instructions. It is recommended you contact the Technical Assistance Service to change to another gas type. [. . . ] This is caused by the presence of dust in the atmosphere, spilt liquids, etc. If the burner flames are accidentally blown out, switch off the burner operating control knob and do not try to relight it for at least 1 minute. A few seconds after the burner is switched off, a sound (thud) will be produced. This is not a fault - this means that the safety device is no longer operating. Bear in mind that the ignition sparkers must not suffer any serious impacts. anticlockwise to the required setting. 2. Use any type of lighter or flame (cigarette lighter, matches, etc. ) and bring it close to the burner. Switching on automatically If your hob can be switched on automatically (ignition sparkers): 1. Press the chosen burner control knob and turn it anticlockwise to the maximum power setting. While the control knob is still pressed down, sparks are produced on all burners. Turn the control knob to the required setting. If it does not come on, turn the control knob to the off setting and repeat the steps above. This time, press and hold the control knob for longer (up to 10 seconds). Cooking guidelines Burner Wok burner Very high - High Medium Low Boiling, steamReheating and keeping things hot: cooked and preing, griddling, toasting, paellas, cooked dishes Asian food (wok). Steaming: Rice, white sauce, ragout fish, vegetables Reheating, keeping things hot and making tasty casseroles Melting: butDefrosting ter, chocoand slow cooking: veg- late, jelly etables, fruit and frozen products : Risk of deflagration! If after 15 seconds the flame does not ignite, switch off the burner and open a nearby window or door. Wait at least one minute before trying to switch the burner back on. Safety system Depending on the model, your hob may have a safety system (thermocouple) that prevents the flow of gas if the burners accidentally switch off. Rapid burner Escalopes, steaks, omelettes, frying Semi-rapid burner Steamed potatoes, fresh vegetables, vegetable stews, pasta Cooking: casseroles, rice pudding, caramel Auxiliary burner To ensure that this device is active: 1. Without releasing the control knob, press and hold it down firmly for 4 seconds after lighting the flame. Switching off a burner Turn the corresponding control knob clockwise to the 0 setting. 6 Electric hob Before using the hob for the first time, heat it up for 5 minutes, set to full power, with no pans placed on it. At this point it is normal to notice smoke and odours, but these will disappear over time. The flame must not touch the sides of the pan. Always centre the pan over the burner, not to one side. Make sure that the pan supports and burner caps are correctly positioned before using the appliance. Do not strike the hob and do not place excessive weight on it. Never use two burners or heat sources to heat one single pan. for a long period of time on maximum power. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning Once the appliance is cool, use a sponge to clean it with soap and water. After each use, clean the surface of the respective burner parts once they have cooled down. If any residue is left (baked-on food, drops of grease etc. ), however little, it will become stuck to the surface and more difficult to remove later. The movement of some pans may leave metal residue on the pan supports. Clean the burners and pan supports using soapy water and scrub with a non-wire brush. [. . . ] Proof of purchase must be presented to obtain the benefits of the warranty. We reserve the right to introduce changes. Used appliances and packaging If the ) symbol is shown on the specifications plate, bear in mind the following instructions: Environmentally-friendly disposal Dispose of packaging in an environmentally-friendly manner. This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning used electrical and electronic appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE). The guideline determines the framework for the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable throughout the EU. [. . . ]


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