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[. . . ] It should be unplugged or disconnected from the mains electricity supply by a competent person. The plug must be rendered useless and the cable cut off directly behind the appliance to prevent misuse. See the "Warning and Safety" section of this booklet for further details. Electrical and electronic appliances often contain materials which, if handled or disposed of incorrectly, could be potentially hazardous to human health and to the environment. [. . . ] ­ the appliance has been switched off for an extended period, and is switched on again. Switching the alarm off early As soon as the temperature in the freezer has dropped sufficiently, the alarm switches off and the temperature display stops flashing and lights up constantly. However, if the noise disturbs you, you can turn the alarm off before this if you wish. ^ Press the On/Off button. The temperature display continues to flash until the set temperature has been reached. The warning system is then ready should it be needed again. 17 Super freeze Freezing fresh food Fresh food should be frozen as quickly as possible. This way the nutritional value of the food, its vitamin content, appearance and taste are not impaired. Food which takes a long time to freeze will lose more water from its cells, which then shrink. During the defrosting process only some of this water is reabsorbed by the cells. In practice this means that the food loses a large degree of its moisture. If food is frozen quickly the cells have less time to lose moisture, so they shrink less. As there is not so much moisture, it is easier for the food to reabsorb it during the defrosting process and there will be very little water around the defrosted food. Super freeze Switch the Super freeze function on before putting fresh food into the freezer. Switching on Super freeze When freezing small quantities of food in the freezer, the Super freeze function should be switched on 4-6 hours beforehand. Unsuitable packing material - wrapping paper - grease-proof paper - cellophane - bin bags - plastic carrier bags Suitable packing material - plastic freezer film - freezer bags - aluminium foil - freezer containers Freezer bags may also be sealed using home heat-sealing kits. ^ Close the packaging tightly with - rubber bands - plastic clips - string or bag ties - freezer tape. ^ Make a note of the contents and the date of freezing on the packaging. Before placing food in the freezer When freezing more than 2 kg of fresh food, switch on the Super freeze function for some time before placing the food in the freezer (see "Super freeze"). Placing food in the freezer Fresh food can be placed in any drawer for freezing; however, it is preferable to use the upper drawers. Large quantities can be placed directly on the evaporator plates to freeze the food quickly. Each drawer and evaporator plate can be loaded with a maximum of 25 kg. ^ Place the food flat in the bottom of the drawers or on the evaporator plates so that it freezes through to the core as quickly as possible. ^ Make sure that the packaging and containers are dry to prevent them sticking together when frozen. When freezing, make sure that food already frozen does not come into contact with fresh food being frozen as this could cause the frozen food to begin to defrost. a turkey or a large joint of meat, the separator plate in between two of the freezer drawers can be removed to give more room. [. . . ] A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes. Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the motor on and off. On multi-zone and frost-free appliances you can sometimes just hear the movement of air circulating inside the appliance. Remember that the noise of the compressor and the coolant circulating in the system is unavoidable. Noises that you can easily rectify Rattling, vibrating What causes them, and what can you do about them? The appliance is uneven: Realign the appliance using a spirit level, by raising or lowering the screw feet underneath the appliance. The appliance is touching another appliance or piece of furniture: Move it away. [. . . ]


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