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[. . . ] 2a, D-46395 Bocholt Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH under trademark license of Siemens AG. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the trademark 'Siemens' will exclusively use the trademark 'Gigaset'. INSPIRING CONVERSATION. Gigaset E500/E500A Your reliable companion Gigaset E500/E500A Your reliable companion This phone has the benefits of an ergonomic design, easy-to-use keys and a clear display with large font. It is also impressively robust and has first-class sound quality in handsfree mode as well as a long operating time. [. . . ] In idle status, the display shows an icon for the new message: Icon Press the display key ' and select the required list. To do this, refer to the following sections: u Listening to messages on the network mailbox ( page 53) u Listening to messages on the answering machine ( page 49) u Opening the missed calls list ( page 41) When new messages arrive the display key ' is shown again. Please note New calls on the network mailbox are only displayed correctly if your network provider transmits this information (see user guide for your provider's network mailbox). Automatic network provider preselection You can store a call-by-call number (preselection number), which is automatically placed in front of numbers when you dial them. If, for example, you wish to make international calls via special network providers, you can save the relevant dialling code here. In the "With Preselect" list, specify the dialling codes or the first digits of the dialling codes that you wish to assign to the preselection number. In the "Without Preselect" list, enter any exceptions to the "With Preselect" list. New message. . . in answering machine list (Gigaset E500A only) or on the network mailbox . . . in the list of Missed Calls TM The number of new entries is displayed under the corresponding icon. 42 02 TM 04 Menu Automatic network provider preselection Example: Preselect Number With Preselect Without Preselect 0999 08 081 084 Saving or editing entries in the preselection lists Each of the two lists can contain 11 entries with 4 digits. Depending on the country, numbers may be preset in the "With Preselect" list. This means e. g. , that all national calls or calls to the mobile network are automatically linked to the preselection number you have saved previously. Menu q Settings OK q Telephony OK q Preselect OK q With Preselect / Without Preselect OK q ~ OK All numbers that start with 08, except for 081 and 084, are dialled with the preselection number 0999. Phone number 07112345678 08912345678 08412345678 Dialled number 07112345678 0999 08912345678 08412345678 Storing preselection numbers Menu q Settings OK q Telephony OK q Preselect OK ~ q Preselect Number OK Enter or edit preselection number (call-by-call number). Press and hold (idle status). a OK Select an entry and press OK. Press and hold (idle status). a Temporarily cancelling preselection c (press and hold) Menu Preselect off OK Permanently deactivating preselection Delete the preselection number with Delete and press OK. 43 Emergency function direct dialling key ; Emergency function direct dialling key ; Your Gigaset E500A is equipped with four additional keys (;- >) on the base and handset. Only the direct dialling key ; can be labelled with a special emergency function ("SOS key"). You can use this to ask friends or neighbours for help in an emergency. Please note When the emergency function is activated, the SOS key on the handset and base is permanently illuminated! How the procedure works You trigger the emergency call on the base or handset by pressing the direct dialling key ;. The recipient of your emergency call hears an SOS announcement consisting of two or three parts. u Text part 1 (default): "This is an emergency call" u Text part 2 (only if you have recorded a personal SOS announcement). u Text part 3 (default): "To accept the call please press key 5" If the called party now presses key 5, you can talk to one another. If the called party does not take the call, the emergency function automatically dials the next emergency number after 60 seconds (if more than one number is saved). In addition, the emergency function automatically switches to the next emergency number in the following situations: u The answering machine for the selected emergency number is switched on u The emergency number is busy u The emergency call recipient's phone is not set to "tone dialling". If none of the calls is accepted, the emergency function concludes with an error tone. [. . . ] For further information on disposing of your used equipment, please contact your local authority or your refuse collection service. Environmental management system Gigaset Communications GmbH is certified pursuant to the international standards EN 14001 and ISO 9001. ISO 14001 (Environment): certified since September 2007 by TV SD Management Service GmbH. ISO 9001 (Quality): certified since 17/02/1994 by TV SD Management Service GmbH. Appendix Care Wipe the unit with a damp cloth or an antistatic cloth. 69 Appendix Contact with liquid ! If the handset has come into contact with liquid: 1. [. . . ]


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