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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] EN Dear Customer, Gigaset Communications GmbH is the legal successor to Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices GmbH & Co. Any statements made by Siemens AG or SHC that are found in the user guides should therefore be understood as statements of Gigaset Communications GmbH. Sehr geehrte Kundin, sehr geehrter Kunde, die Gigaset Communications GmbH ist Rechtsnachfolgerin der Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices GmbH & Co. KG (SHC), die ihrerseits das Gigaset-Geschäft der Siemens AG fortführte. [. . . ] , Gigaset . TR RO RU SR BG HU Issued by Gigaset Communications GmbH Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008 All rights reserved. www. gigaset. com Gigaset A110 Coloured label Display symbols - Ringer off - New entry in caller list - Entering numbers/letters: the f key deletes the character to the left of the cursor s Display (display screen) Special characters: n Hash (#) R Recall key 0123456789 Û ß Ú U = Battery flat U Battery fully charged flashing: Battery almost flat Battery charging status Set/OK key - Enter the menu - Confirm input (save) Function key In idle status: - Directory - Caller list In lists: Scroll When the telephone is ringing: Set ringer volume During a call: Set handset volume Entering numbers and letters: Delete function Ringer off key Activate/deactivate ringer Last number redial key Talk key - Answer a call - Initiate dialling End call key - Hold down: on/off - End call - Cancel function Star key Hold down: R key function (flash) Key 0 Microphone Hold down: Temporarily switch to DTMF dialling Special features of the A 110 Notepad Pen holder with STABILO rollerball pen. The pen is available in all good stationery and office supplies shops Ringer off key Handset volume and ringer volume setting via function key 1 Version: 28. 11. 2003 A3 1 0 0 8 - A1 1 0 - J 1 0 0 - 1 - 7 6 1 9 Issued by Information and Communication mobile Schlavenhorst 88 D-46395 Bocholt © Siemens AG 2003 All rights reserved. Printed in Germany Siemens Aktiengesellschaft http://www. my-siemens. com Order No. : A31008-A110-J100-1-7619 Version: 28. 11. 2003 2 Safety precautions ! W $ Read this manual and the safety precautions carefully before use. Explain their content to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone. Only use the power supply unit supplied as indicated on the underside of the base. Never use ordinary (non-rechargeable) batteries as they may pose a health hazard or cause injury. < Insert rechargeable batteries ensuring correct polarity (symbols are marked in the handset battery compartment). Be aware of the technical conditions within the particular environment (e. g. Do not hold the handset against your ear while it is ringing (incoming call). Do not use the phone in environments subject to an explosion hazard (e. auto paint shops). If you give your telephone to someone else, make sure you also give them the operating manual. Dispose of the batteries and phone in accordance with environmental regulations. Not all of the functions described in this manual are available in all countries. 3 Setting up the telephone for use Connecting the base station Phone jack with phone cord Power supply unit with mains cable (220/230 V) Insert the round jack on the mains cable into the socket on the underside of the base. Position cable in the cable recess (for strain relief). Insert the square jack on the telephone cable supplied into the socket on the underside of the base. Position cable in the cable recess. The battery charging status is correctly displayed only after uninterrupted charging/discharging. You should therefore avoid opening the battery compartment unnecessarily. The battery charge capacity decreases after a few years for technical reasons some time. Making calls Calling and ending calls ~ (Enter the number), press c (talk key). To end the call: Press a (end call key). You can also press the talk key c first and then enter the number ­ each digit is dialled immediately. You can use the end call key a to cancel dialling. Answering a call Your telephone rings (ringer) and the talk key flashes. c Press the (talk key). Last number redial Your handset automatically saves the last five telephone numbers dialled. If names have been saved for these numbers in the directory, then these names will be displayed. j s c Open the last number redial list. Press the talk key ­ the telephone number is dialled. 6 Calling Line Identification (CLIP) When you receive a call, the caller's telephone number is displayed in the display. [. . . ] [______________________________________________] g Select the menu item and confirm. TBR [______________________________________________] g Select the desired flash time and 180 MS confirm. Press end call key. Setting flash times: s s a Restoring the unit to the factory settings Handset g s s [______________________________________________] g Select the menu item and confirm. HS RESET Open the menu. [______________________________________________] g Select the menu item and confirm. [. . . ]


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