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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Be aware of the technical conditions in your particular environment, e. g. Do not use your phone in environments with a potential explosion hazard, e. g. paint shops. If the handset has come into contact with liquid: Switch off the handset and remove the battery pack immediately. Pat all parts dry, then place the handset with the battery compartment open and the keypad facing down in a dry, warm place for at least 72 hours (not in a microwave, oven etc. ). [. . . ] On the handset: MENU Settings OK Handset OK Register HS ¢ ¢¢ ¢¢ ¢ Enter the base station system PIN (default setting: 0000) ¢ OK. Registering V The registration screen is displayed. 2. of entering the system PIN, press and hold the registration/paging key (min. See also the user guide belonging to the base station. After successful automatic or manual registration, the idle display is shown: V INT MENU Charge status of the batteries: ­ = e V U (flat to full) ­ = flashes: batteries almost flat ­ e V U flashes: charging The handset is assigned the lowest unassigned internal number (1­4). If more than one handset is registered to the base station, the internal handset number appears in the top left of the display, e. g. If the internal numbers 1­4 are already assigned to other devices, the number 4 will be overwritten. Please note Only place the handset in the base station or charging cradle that is intended for it. 6 Initial charging and discharging of the batteries The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged. 8h ¤ Place the handset in the base station or charging cradle for eight hours. ¤ Then remove the handset from the base station or charging cradle and do not replace it until the batteries are completely discharged. Please note After the first battery charge and discharge you may replace your handset in its base station or charging cradle after every call. sons. Always repeat the charging and discharging procedure if you remove the batteries The batteries may warm up during charging. After a while, the charge capacity of the batteries will decrease for technical rea- Setting the date and time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. MENU Settings OK Date/Time OK Date: ~ (enter the day, month and year in 6-digit format) OK Time: ~ (enter hours and minutes in 4-digit format) OK (display message: Saved) a (press and hold to return to idle status) ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Please note When entering the time and date, you can move the position of an entry to the left or right by pressing the control button up or down. Display in idle status Once the phone is registered and the time set, the idle display is shown as in this example. 11. 12. INT Activating/deactivating the handset Press and hold the a key to activate or deactivate the handset. 11:56 MENU V If you place a deactivated handset in the base station or charging cradle, it will automatically activate. If you have any questions about using your phone, please read the tips on troubleshooting page 9) or contact our Customer Care team page 9. ("Questions and answers" ¢ ¢ 7 Making calls Making external calls and ending calls External calls are calls using the public telephone network. (Or you can first press and hold c [dial tone] and then enter the number. ) During the call you can adjust the earpiece volume using t and set the volume with u. End the call/cancel dialling: Press the end call key a. Using the directory and lists Directory To open the directory: press h. Enter letters/characters ¢c. ¢ Accepting a call The handset indicates an incoming call by ringing and by a display on the screen. AOH OK If necessary, press the MENU control keys to display the caller's number or name. When Auto Answer is activated (see Menu tree page 10), simply remove the handset from the base station/charging cradle. In idle status, use t to activate the menu for setting the call volume and use u to set the volume. Saving the first number in the directory h ¢ New Entry?¢ OK ¢ ~ (enter number) ¢ OK ¢ ~ (enter number) ¢ OK Storing a number in the directory h ¢ MENU ¢ New Entry ¢ OK ¢ ~ (enter number) ¢ OK ¢ ~ (enter number) ¢ OK Selecting a directory entry Open the directory with h. You have the following ¢ ¢ ¢ Muting You can mute your handset when making external calls. Press the "Microphone off" key m during the call to activate/deactivate the function. options: Use u to scroll through the entries until the required name is selected. [. . . ] We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, declare that this device meets the essential requirements and other relevant regulations laid down in Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the 1999/5/EC Declaration of Conformity is available at this Internet address: www. gigaset. com/docs. Questions and answers If you have any queries about the use of your telephone, visit our website at www. gigaset. com/customercare for 24-hour support. The table below contains a list of common problems and possible solutions. Problem Nothing appears in the display. Cause The handset is not switched on. Solution Press the end call key a for approx. [. . . ]


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