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[. . . ] 2a, D-46395 Bocholt Manufactured by Gigaset Communications GmbH under trademark license of Siemens AG. 2011 Gigaset products bearing the trademark 'Siemens' will exclusively use the trademark 'Gigaset'. INSPIRING CONVERSATION. 582C The handset at a glance The handset at a glance 1 2 3 4 5 1 15 Ä 6 INT 1 e 2 01/31 §§§§Menu§§§§ AM 9:45 3 4 5 7 8 9 14 6 13 10 11 7 12 11 10 13 8 9 12 14 15 Display in idle status Charge status of the batteries (page 2) Display keys (page 14) Control key t Access to Calls list. Start a second call from Line 2 while telephoning from Line 1(page 26). [. . . ] u If messages are stored on the answering machine: The answering machine starts playback. ¤ After the beep press the G key to activate the answering machine. Or 24 Using the voice mailbox beeps (=the end of message playback) ¤ Press the G key to activate the answering machine. u If no (new or old) messages are stored on the answering machine: You will hear a beep. A status message is played back and informs that no messages are stored on the answering machine. The answering machine is now activated on the corresponding line and the activated announcement is played back. ¤ Listen to the playback until you hear two Configuring the voice mailbox for fast access Entering the voice mailbox number §Menu§ Enter the number of the voice mailbox and press §OK§. If your network voice mail requires a password for access, it is possible to add a password by entering pauses (press the k key) immediately after entering the mailbox access number and before entering your password. ~ ¢ Voice Mail ¢ Settings ¢ Line 1 / Line 2 Deactivating the answering machine ~ Dial the number of the line you want to deactivate answering machine for. ;~ While listening to the announcement, press the ; key and enter the system PIN (default setting: 0000, see page 31). Your answering machine is now deactivated. Using the voice mailbox The voice mailbox is your telephone network provider's answering machine within their telephone network. You cannot use the voice mailbox unless you have requested it from your network provider. ¢ Voice Mail ¢ Call VM Line 1 / Line 2 Select which mailbox you want to call and press §OK§. If you have new messages in your voice mailbox: §Call§ Press the display key to call the voice mailbox. If you have new messages only for one voice mailbox, the respective mailbox is immediately called. If you have new messages for both voice mailboxes: When using a handset: Line 1 / Line 2 Select the line and press §OK§ . When using the base station: Line 1 / Line 2 Press the respective display key to start the call. For further operation steps, please refer to the instructions provided by your mailbox operator. §Menu§ Calling your voice mailbox 25 Using several handsets Using several handsets Registering and de-registering handsets You can register up to six handsets with your base station. A Gigaset C28H handset can be registered with up to four base stations. q §OK§ Select the handset you want to de-register and press §OK§. Press the display key to confirm deletion. Locating a handset ("paging") You can locate your handset using the base station. ¤ Press the Registration/Paging key ÷ on the base station briefly. ¤ All handsets will ring at the same time ("paging"), even if the ringers are switched off. On individual handsets you can press the display key §Quiet§ to mute the ring tone. Note: The base station and supplied handsets are preregistered at the factory. Registering the Gigaset C28H handset On the handset §Menu§ Ending paging ¢ Register HS q ¢ Settings ¢ Registration ¤ Briefly press the Registration/Paging key on the base station ÷ or press any key on the handset. Select the base you want to register your handset with and press §OK§. (default setting: 0000, see page 31) The handset will be registered. Changing the base station If your handset is registered to more than one base station, you can set it to a particular base station or to the base station that has the best reception (Best Base). §Menu§ ¢ Settings ¢ Registration ¢ Select Base q Select one of the registered base stations or Best Base and press §OK§. On the base station Within 60 seconds press and hold the registration/page key ÷ (for about 5 seconds) on the base station (see page 3). De-registering handsets You can de-register any registered handset from your Gigaset C285. [. . . ] Some states/jurisdictions/provinces do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. If an implied warranty or condition is created by your state/ province and federal or state/provincial law prohibits disclaimer of it, you also have an implied warranty or condition, BUT ONLY AS TO DEFECTS DISCOVERED DURING THE PERIOD OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY (ONE YEAR). AS TO ANY DEFECTS DISCOVERED AFTER THE ONE YEAR PERIOD, THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF ANY 4. WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDURE All warranty claims must be made by notifying Gigaset NAM prior to the expiration of the warranty period. [. . . ]


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