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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] EN Dear Customer, Gigaset Communications GmbH is the legal successor to Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices GmbH & Co. Any statements made by Siemens AG or SHC that are found in the user guides should therefore be understood as statements of Gigaset Communications GmbH. Sehr geehrte Kundin, sehr geehrter Kunde, die Gigaset Communications GmbH ist Rechtsnachfolgerin der Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices GmbH & Co. KG (SHC), die ihrerseits das Gigaset-Geschft der Siemens AG fortfhrte. [. . . ] You can also save and install these melodies on other handsets registered to the same base station. You can find a range of melodies on the Internet at www. siemens. com/ gigasets440. The Internet pages will tell you which data is available in your country. Adding a number to the directory Adding the sender's number entry (page 25). To continue, see see page 16. Open incoming message list and select Notes: You can create a special directory for SMS within your directory by putting an star (*) before the names. An attached mail box identifier is added to the directory. Copying/selecting numbers from a SMS text Listening to a melody telephone number. If you wish to use the number to send an SMS: Save the number with the area code (dialling code) in the directory. Read SMS (page 25) and scroll to the Read the SMS (page 25) and move the cursor to the line in which the attachment can be found. The melody is played back immediately. Saving a melody Open the SMS to read it (page 25). Melodies are saved in the Sound Manager (page 42). 26 SMS (text messages) Notification by SMS You can be notified by SMS about missed calls . Requirement: For missed calls, the caller's number (CLI) must have been transmitted. Notification is sent to your mobile phone or another phone with SMS functionality. You only need to set the phone number to which notification should be sent (notification number) and the notification type. v Settings Notify Number ~ Enter the number to which the SMS should be sent. a Press and hold (idle status). SMS mailboxes The General Mailbox is the default setting. You can also set up three personal mailboxes and protect these with a PIN. Each mailbox is identified by a name and a "Mailbox ID" (a kind of extension number). Please note: u If you operate a number of devices Storing the notification number Caution: Do not enter your own fixed network number for the notification of missed calls. This can lead to chargeable endless looping. v Settings Notify Type Change multiple line input if necessary: Missed Calls: Set On, if you want SMS notification. Save changes (page 11). Setting the notification type (base stations) with SMS functionality on a single phone line, then each SMS mailbox ID may only occur once. In this case you must also change the preset ID of the general mailbox ("0"). u You can only use personal mailboxes if your service provider supports such a function. You can tell that this is supported by the fact that a star (*) is added to the number of a (preset) SMS centre. u If you have forgotten your mailbox PIN, you can reset it by restoring the base station's factory settings. This will delete all messages from all mailboxes. Setting up and changing a personal mailbox v Settings SMS Mailboxes s Select mailbox, e. g. [. . . ] u The first letter of the name of directory entries is automatically capitalised, followed by lower case letters. Writing SMS (with predictive text) EATONI predictive text helps you when you are writing an SMS. Each key between Q and O is assigned several letters and characters (see the character set tables, page 54). These appear in a selection line immediately under the text panel (over the display keys) as soon as you press a key. The letter you are most likely looking for is reverse-highlighted and is at the beginning of the selection line. [. . . ]


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