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[. . . ] X Disposal of your old appliance Old appliances are not worthless rubbish!This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2002/96/EG concerning used electical and electronic appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment Ć WEEE). The guideline determines the framework for the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable throughout the EU. Ensure that tubing of the refrigerant circuit is not damaged prior to proper disposal. [. . . ] If frozen food is stored for a long time, adjust the temperature until the temperatureĆdisplay indicator (after a prolonged period) is in the black area. If the temperature indicator is in the dashĆlined area for a prolonged period, e. During a power failure, check whether the frozen food is beginning to thaw. Do not refreeze food which is beginning to thaw or which has already thawed. Setting the temperature Set the temperature with the temperature selector Fig. If your appliance features a temperature display, adjust the temperature selector until the temperature indicator is in the black area Fig. Tips S If the door cannot be opened immediately after closing the freezer compartment, please wait 2-3 minutes until the partial vacuum has equalised. S The refrigeration system may cause parts of the freezer shelves to become quickly covered in hoarfrost. This will NOT affect the function or power consumption of the appliance. The appliance does not require defrosting until the entire surface of the freezer shelf is covered in more than 5 mm of hoarfrost or ice. 5 To avoid the quality of the frozen food being diminished, it is important that the allowable storage duration is not exceeded. The values next to the symbols represent the permissible storage duration for the respective frozen food in months. In the case of ovenĆready frozen meals which are available in stores, the production date or the Best Before" date should be observed. The temperature in the supermarket freezer should be -18 ºC or lower. Transport the frozen food in an insulating bag, where possible and put it quickly into the freezer compartment. 6 Fill the iceĆcube tray ¾ full of water and place in the bottom of the freezer compartment. If the iceĆcube tray is stuck to the freezer compartment, dislodge with a blunt implement only (spoon handle). To loosen the ice cubes, hold the tray briefly under running water or twist the tray slightly. Storing frozen food S To ensure good air circulation in the appliance, insert the freezer drawers all the way. S If a large quantity of food is to be placed in the freezer compartment, the food can be stacked directly on the wire shelves and on the floor of the freezer compartment. Pull out the freezer drawers all the way, lift at the front and remove. 7 If a power failure or malfunction occurs, the ice blocks can be used to slow down the thawing process. [. . . ] All the pilot lights are OFF, Check whether: S The appliance has been switched ON. Noises which can easily be eliminated The appliance is not standing level Please use a spiritĆlevel to ensure that the appliance is standing level. Adjust the threaded feet or place something underneath to bring the appliance level. The appliance is crowded Please leave clearance between the appliance and surrounding furniture or appliances. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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