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[. . . ] . 10 10 11 12 13 14 Tools and Accessories which are needed . . 15 15 15 15 15 2 Important Information ! Apart from statutory national regulations, you should stick to the connection terms relating to the local electricity and water companies. These mounting instructions are designed to help you install your new appliance. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for mounting which has been improperly carried out. [. . . ] All cabinet parts in the vicinity of the appliance have to be firmly connected to the wall. Re examine that when opening the appliance door, it does not collide with neighbouring kitchen parts. (for door opening angle, see DESIGN GUIDE) 45. 7 cm / 18" 61. 0 cm / 24" 76. 2 cm / 30" 91. 4 cm / 36" 218. 5 218 5 cm Never put the appliance up via its side! D 16 3. ! Removing the packaging Warning!The appliance could tip over when the appliance door is opened. 4. Preparing the appliance - Handle it carefully, as otherwise people helping to lift it could be hurt or the appliance could be damaged. To protect the subsurface from damage whilst installing: D Put a carpet or spare piece of linoleum (or other such item) down and attach it to the floor using adhesive tape in front of the planned fitting site. ! Warning! Always place the means of transport centrally on the rear side of the appliance. Risk of damage to the appliance! D Remove the lateral fastenings and fastening sheets with which the cabinet fronts are attached. To do this, loosen the fastening screws and remove the stops. Note: Keep the stops safe as otherwise they may become lost. D Move the appliance using a trolley, sack barrow or wheelbarrow. Be careful when using the knife so as not to damage the surface of the appliance. Take the supplied accessories from the protective parts of the packaging. ! D Warning! Only remove the transporting securing units with which the slide in bases and the storage compartments in the appliance are protected after completing the installation as otherwise, parts could be damaged. D Check the appliance for damage. If there are queries, please contact the dealer. 17 5. ! Exchanging the door stops Warning! D Unscrew the door. Before carrying out any work to the door hinges, release the spring pressure - risk of injury!Depending on the requirements of the assembly location the door stop can be exchanged to the other side. According to the subsurface: D D Additionally use the supplied wood screws (if the subsurface allows). 7. Attaching an additional anti tilt mechanism Important note: As far as possible, always screw the wooden plank to the rear wall of the niche. If the anti tilt ribs cannot be fastened securely, a wooden beam can be used above the appliance as an alternative anti tilt mechanism. Care should be taken that there is not a gap between the appliance and the wooden beam. D Look for the supports on the rear wall of the niche and mark the drill holes on the plank corresponding to the position of the support. Screw the plank onto the rear wall of the niche. or D D D Cut the wooden plank to the required length (cross section min. The length should correspond to the width of the installation niche! 21 8. Preparing the water connection 9. Attaching the edge protectors (only for appliances which require a water connection) ! Warning! Turn off the main water tap in order to avoid damage from escaping water. D Lay the connection pipe. Always keep to the given installed area in order to avoid damaging the connection pipe when sliding the appliance in later. D In order to protect the edges of the installation niche, attach the supplied protection ribs with adhesive tape. 10. Setting up side by side If a side by side set up of two appliances is envisaged, connect the two appliances to one another now. Further information concerning the side by side set up can be found in the mounting instructions of the sealing kit. D Fix the connection pipe to the floor with adhesive tape. 22 11. Sliding the appliance into the installation niche Note: If the floor or appliance is skew in relation to the installation niche, the height adjustable wheels should be correspondingly adjusted before sliding the appliance into the niche. D ! Warning! Be careful when sliding the appliance into the installation niche. The water connection or mains fixed on the floor could be damaged. Plug the mains plug into the socket. Note: A separate plug is necessary for each appliance in the case of side by side set up! D Protect the mains lead from getting wedged under or behind the appliance. Recommended procedure: Tie a rope onto the middle of the mains lead and slide the appliance forwards. [. . . ] The lateral adjustment of the door is fixed through the lower fastening angles. Fitting the finger protection The number of the lower fastening angles depends on the width and the design of the furniture door. 23. Shortening the finger protection Important note: The finger protection must cover the door gap over the full length. If the height of the door exceeds the standard height, the extra long finger protection (see Additional accessories") has to be used. D D Push the finger protection into the gap between the appliance and the niche wall (1. ). [. . . ]


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