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SIEMENS HB531E0/04 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1443 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HB531E0/04INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In the unlikely event of a malfunction, look here for informa tion on how to rectify minor faults yourself. A detailed table of contents will help you to find your way around quickly. Enjoy your meal! If you have any further questions, dial our information number: / Siemens Info Line (Mon Fri: 8. 00 am 6. 00 pm) for product information as well as application and operation questions: Tel. : 0180 5 2223* or go to siemens info line+bshg. com * 0. 14 EUR/min. Only valid for Germany. Instruction manual HB 13MB. 21B en 9000 275 916 881208 Table of contents Safety information . [. . . ] After a few seconds, the time set is adopted. Changing the time No other time function should be set. Please refer to the section on Changing the basic settings. Hiding the clock 22 Childproof lock To prevent children from switching on the oven accidentally, it has a childproof lock. You can still set the time and the timer when the childproof lock is activated. If the heating type and temperature or grill setting are set, the childproof lock interrupts the heater element. Switching on the childproof lock No cooking time or end time may be set. Switching off the childproof lock Press and hold the @ button for approx. The childproof lock is deactivated. Changing the basic settings Your oven has various basic settings. Basic setting c1 Clock display c2 Length of signal upon completion of a cooking time or timer period c3 Waiting time until a setting is applied * Factory setting Selection 1 always* approx. The display shows the current basic setting for the clock display, e. g. All levels can be viewed using the 0 button, and changed with the @ or A button. You may change the basic settings at any time. Care and cleaning With good care and cleaning, your oven will remain clean and fully functioning for a long time to come. If the oven door falls out accidentally or a hinge snaps shut, do not reach into the hinge. Call the after sales service. 29 Cleaning the door panels To facilitate cleaning, you can remove the inner door panels from the appliance door. d Risk of injury. Caution The appliance must not be used again until the door panels and appliance door have been correctly fitted. Before removing, make a note of the position in which the door panel is fitted, so that it is not refitted the wrong way round. Æ main oven and Ç top oven Removing the door panel 1. Remove the appliance door and place on a soft, clean surface with the front side facing down (see section: Removing and fitting the appliance door). Unscrew the cover on the appliance door front left and right and remove it (Fig. B). 30 Æ main oven Removing the intermediate panel C 1. Refit the appliance door. 31 Ç top oven Removing the intermediate panel 1. Press the retainer on the intermediate panel on one side and unlatch it, using a spatula for instance (Fig. Unlatch the other side in the same way and remove the intermediate panel. Place the intermediate panel in the supports on the left and right (Fig. [. . . ] The roast looks good but the juices are burnt. 47 The roast looks good but the juices are too clear and watery. Steam rises from the roast when basted. Next time, use a larger roasting dish and use less liquid. It may settle and form condensation on the cooler switch panel or on the fronts of adjacent units. Preprepared products Observe the instructions on the packaging. Pre browning and unevenness can sometimes even be found on the raw product. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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