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SIEMENS HB531E0/08 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1443 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HB531E0/08INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The tables have been structured in such a way as to provide a step by step guide to the cooker settings. They contain useful information about the appropriate cookware, insertion level, and the optimum settings, all of which have, of course, been carefully tested in our cooking studio. To ensure the long lasting attractiveness of your cooker, we have also included numerous tips on appliance care and cleaning. And in the unlikely event of an appliance fault, you will find, on the last pages, troubleshooting information which will help you to rectify minor faults yourself. [. . . ] The cake is too dark on the bottom. 19 The cake is too dry. Use a skewer to pierce small holes in the baked cake. Next time, select a temperature 10 degrees higher and shorten the baking times. Next time, use a little less liquid and bake for a little longer but at a lower temperature. When preparing cakes with soft toppings, bake the cake base first, then sprinkle almonds or breadcrumbs onto it and finally add the topping. Please follow the cooking in structions and baking times. The bread or cake (e. g. cheesecake) looks good, but is soggy inside (runny and uncooked). Meat, poultry, fish Cookware You may use any heat resistant dishes. Hot glass dishes should be placed on a dry kitchen towel after removal from the oven. Advice on roasting The roasting result depends on the type and quality of meat. Add 2 to 3 soup spoons of liquid to lean meat and 8 to 10 soup spoons of liquid to pot roasts, depending on the size. Pierce the skin of duck or goose under the wings to enable the fat to run off. Poultry will become particularly crispy and brown if you coat it with butter, salty water, dripping fat or orange juice at the end of the roasting time. Before you change settings or switch off the appliance, make sure that the contents of the jars are actually bubbling. Setting procedure 1. 80 °C) into the universal pan. inside the pan so that they do not come into contact with each other. 3. Set the temperature selector to 140 to 150 °C. 25 Sterilizing fruit As soon as the contents of the jars begins to bubble, i. e. , many bubbles form in quick succession (after approx. The jars should be removed from the oven after 25 to 35 minutes of residual heat. If the food is left to cool in the oven for longer, bacteria might form, accelerating spoilage of the sterilized fruit. Switch off the function selector. Fruit in 1 litre jars Apples, red/blackcurrants, strawberries Cherries, apricots, peaches, gooseberries Apple purée, pears, plums After bubbling Reduce setting Reduce setting Reduce setting Residual heat approx. 35 minutes Sterilizing vegetables As soon as the contents of the jars begin to bubble, switch the temperature selector to around 120 to 140 ºC, and then switch off the temperature selector. Refer to the table to see when you should switch off the oven. Vegetables with cold stock in 1 litre jars Cucumbers Beetroot Brussel sprouts Beans, kohlrabi, red cabbage Peas After bubbling 120 140 ° C approx. 30 minutes Remove the jars Never place the hot jars on a cold or wet surface, as this could cause the glass to crack. 26 Timer You can set the timer at any time. You can even set it when a cooking time or end time has already been set. This enables you to tell whether it is the timer or a cooking time which has run down. Setting procedure 1. [. . . ] Insert the replacement bulb, taking care to position the pins correctly. Refit the glass cover. Insert the glass cover on one side and press firmly on the other side. Switch on the fuse again and reset the time. Replacing the glass cover If the glass cover of the oven light is damaged, it must be replaced. Replacement glass covers can be obtained from the after sales service. [. . . ]


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