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SIEMENS HB531E0/09 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1443 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HB531E0/09INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Please pass on the instruction manual to the new owner if you sell the appliance. Before installation Transport damage Check the appliance after unpacking it. Losses resulting from damage caused by incorrect connection will invalidate warranty claims. Before using the appliance for the first time, you must ensure that the domestic electrical system is earthed and meets all the current safety regulations. Use of this appliance without an earthed connection or incorrectly installed can cause serious injuries (injuries or electrocution), although this is very rare. [. . . ] Cleaning the enamelled surfaces of the oven Use hot soapy water or a vinegar solution. Do not use coarse scouring pads or strong cleaning agents to remove such discolorations. Cleaning the glass cover for the oven light It is best to clean the glass cover with washing up liquid. 14 Cleaning the rails The rails can be removed for cleaning. Then pull the whole rail forward and take it out. Clean the rails using either washing up liquid and a sponge or a brush. To hook rails back into position: First insert the rail in the rear socket, push it back slightly and then hook it into the front socket. Recess (a) must always be at the bottom. Seal Clean the seal on the oven with washing up liquid. Never use caustic or abrasive detergents. Accessories Immediately after use, soak the accessories in washing up liquid. Food residues can then be easily removed with a brush or sponge. 15 Troubleshooting Should a malfunction occur, it is often only due to a minor fault. Please read the following instructions before calling the after sales service: Problem The oven does not work. Power cut Comments/remedy Look in the fuse box and check that the fuse is in working order. Check whether the kitchen light switches on. Repairs may only be carried out by fully trained after-sales service technicians. Baking may result in the formation of water vapour It escapes above the door handle. The steam may settle and form water droplets on the control panel or on the fronts of adjacent units. cheesecake) looks fine, but is soggy on the inside (soft, with watery areas). The pastry is unevenly browned. Condensation is formed when baking cakes containing fresh fruit. 21 Meat, poultry, fish Ovenware You may use any heat resistant dishes. Hot glass dishes should be placed on a dry kitchen towel after being removed from the oven. Advice on roasting The roasting result depends on the type and quality of meat. Add 2 to 3 soup spoons of liquid to lean meat, and 8 to 10 soup spoons of liquid to pot roasts, depending on the size. When the roast is ready, switch off the oven and leave the roast to stand for 10 minutes with the oven door closed. Such pieces will be browned evenly and stay juicy and soft in the middle. If you are grilling just one piece of meat, it will turn out best if you place it in the centre of the wire grill. Turn the pieces of meat after two thirds of the cooking time indicated. The grill element automatically switches itself off and back on again. [. . . ] This is caused by the considerable temperature fluctuations which affect the accessories. This warping is eliminated during the baking process. Note Preserving Preparation The jars and rubber sealing rings must be clean and intact. Place a wet rubber sealing ring and lid on each jar and lock the jars using clamps. They can be influenced by the room temperature, the number of jars and the amount and temperature of the jar contents. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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