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[. . . ] In the unlikely event of a fault, look here for information on how to rectify minor faults yourself. A detailed table of contents will help you to find your way around quickly. Enjoy your meal! Instruction manual HB 380. 6H en 9000 068 385 040485 Table of contents Important information . 5 5 5 6 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 10 14 17 18 18 18 19 19 20 20 21 23 24 24 You wish the oven to switch on and off automatically 22 2 Table of contents Automatic program . [. . . ] The function selector must be switched off. Setting procedure Example: 13:00 1. from summer time to winter time Hide the time or show it with dimmed night lighting Press the j clock button, change the time using the rotary knob and confirm with the OK button. The time always appears in the clock display when the oven is not in operation. You can leave the time at dimmed night lighting or hide it completely. See the Basic settings section for how to do this. 36 Timer You can use the timer as a kitchen timer. The timer has a special signal. Setting procedure Example: 20 minutes 1. Press the a timer button. "Set timer" appears. Set timer 2. The time has elapsed Changing the timer period Cancelling the setting A signal sounds. Press the a timer button until the timer display goes out. 37 Basic settings Your oven has several basic settings. You should always select the appropriate language before using the appliance for the first time. Basic setting Reset basic settings: No" Select language: English" Time: displayed permanently" Function Factory settings the set language remains Language for the text display Time display Change to Reset basic settings: Yes" There are 23 other languages to choose from Time: with dimmed night lighting" Time: displayed only when in use" Exception: the time is shown if the residual heat is displayed. Shadows on the door panel which resemble smears are reflections from the oven light. Appliances with stainless steel fronts Always remove any flecks of limescale, grease, cornflour and egg white immediately. Try out the product on a small area first, before using on the whole surface. Appliances with aluminium fronts Use a mild window cleaning detergent. Wipe the area with a soft window cloth or a fluff free micro fibre cloth, using a horizontal action without applying pressure. Aggressive cleaning products, scratchy sponges and rough cleaning cloths are not suitable. 42 Oven Never use coarse scouring pads or cleaning sponges. For ease of cleaning you can detach the oven door and fold down the grill element in the top of the oven. Detaching the oven door The oven door can be easily detached. 1. Half close the oven door. With both hands, grip the bottom of the door on the left and right hand sides. Close the door a little more and pull it out. After cleaning, re install the oven door, following the instructions in reverse order. 43 Folding down the grill element Fold down the grill element to facilitate cleaning of the oven cover. d Warning: the oven must be cold. Pull the handle on the folding grill towards the front and push it upwards until you hear it click into place. Push the handle down until the grill element engages. Self cleaning surfaces in the oven The rear panel in the oven is coated with a highly porous ceramic layer. This coating absorbs and dispels splashes from baking and roasting while the oven is in operation. You will obtain a better result, the higher the temperature and the longer the oven is in operation. [. . . ] Do not place more than six jars in the oven. 69 The times specified in the tables are guidelines only. They can be influenced by the room temperature, the number of jars and the amount and temperature of the jar contents. Before you change settings or switch off the appliance, make sure that the contents of the jars are actually bubbling. Place the jars inside the pan so that they do not come into contact with each other. [. . . ]


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