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[. . . ] Fruit juice dripping from the baking sheet leaves stains that cannot be removed. Even if you only leave the oven door open slightly, the fronts of adjacent units may become damaged over time. If the oven seal is very dirty, the oven door will no longer close properly when the oven is in use. Do not stand or sit on the oven door. Water in the oven Fruit juice Cooling with the oven door open Very dirty oven seal Using the oven door as a seat 6 Your new cooker Here you will learn more about your new oven. [. . . ] Slight differences in the colours on the appliance front are caused by the use of different materials, such as glass, plastic and metal. Appliances with stainless steel fronts Always remove any flecks of limescale, grease, cornflour and egg white immediately. Try out the product on a small area first, before using on the whole surface. Oven Never use coarse scouring pads or cleaning sponges. For ease of cleaning you can switch on the oven light and detach the oven door. 13 Switching on the oven light Detaching the oven door Set the function selector to t. Half close the oven door. With both hands, grip the bottom of the door on the left and right hand sides. Close the door a little more and pull it out. After cleaning, re install the oven door, following the instructions in reverse order. Cleaning the enamelled surfaces of the oven Use hot soapy water or a vinegar solution. Do not use coarse scouring pads or strong cleaning agents to remove such discolorations. Cleaning the glass cover for the oven light It is best to clean the glass cover with washing up liquid. 14 Cleaning the glass panels The glass panel on the oven door can be removed to assist in cleaning. 1. Remove the oven door and lay it on a cloth with the handle underneath. 2. Refit the oven door. The oven must not be used again until the panel has been correctly installed. 15 Cleaning the rails The rails can be removed for cleaning. Sprinkle with almonds or breadcrumbs and then place the topping over this. Select a slightly lower temperature to ensure that the pastry is baked more evenly. Delicate pastry should be baked on one level using top/bottom heating t. Baking paper that protrudes over the food can affect the air circulation. Baking trays that are placed in the oven at the same time will not necessarily be ready at the same time. The steam may settle and form water droplets on the control panel or on the fronts of adjacent units. This is a normal physical process. The fruit cake is too light at the bottom. The food on the top baking tray is darker than that on the bottom baking tray. Condensation is formed when baking cakes containing fresh fruit. Meat, poultry, fish, bakes, toast Ovenware You may use any heat resistant dishes. Use the rotary spit and the universal pan for cooking large roasts or poultry. Hot glass dishes should be placed on a dry kitchen towel after being removed from the oven. [. . . ] We have compiled this information sheet for you on the basis of current research. It is formed in the food itself during preparation provided that the food contains carbohydrate and protein. However, it appears that the acrylamide content is strongly influenced by: high temperatures a low water content in food intensive browning of the food. 25 What sort of foods are affected? Acrylamide forms mostly in grain and potato products that are prepared at high temperatures, e. g. : crisps, chips, toast, rolls, bread, baked goods made from shortcrust pastry (speciality biscuits and cakes). What can you do? You can avoid high levels of acrylamide when baking, frying and grilling. The following recommendations were published by AID1 and BMVEL2 to help you minimise acrylamide levels: In general Keep cooking times as short as possible. [. . . ]


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