User manual SIEMENS HB64AB621F/45

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Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HB64AB621F/45

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[. . . ] In the unlikely event of a malfunction, look here for information on how to rectify minor faults yourself. A detailed table of contents will help you to find your way around quickly. Enjoy your meal. Instruction manual EMWK9600. 0M/J en 9000 049 502 K310585 Table of contents Important information . 4 4 4 6 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 13 14 15 15 15 16 17 Before using for the first time . [. . . ] Pull the clip on the oven ceiling forwards. With the thumb of the other hand, push the front of the glass cover downwards. With both hands, push the cover forwards and rest it on the grill element. 4. Tip it forwards and down and then remove. d Never touch or clean the microwave antenna (A)!If there is slight soiling: Wash the glass cover with hot soapy water. Slide the cover in with the smooth side facing downwards and rest it on the grill element. 2. Release the clip. Remove the tea towel from the oven. d Seal Do not operate the appliance without the microwave glass cover. Clean the seal on the oven door using detergent. Do not use sharp or abrasive cleaning products. Accessories It is best to soak the accessories in detergent solution immediately after use. Food residues can then be easily removed with a washing up brush or sponge. Troubleshooting Should a malfunction occur, it is often only due to a minor fault. Please read the following instructions before calling the after sales service: Problem The oven does not work. Possible cause Blown fuse Not plugged in Power cut Three zeros flash in the clock display. Power cut Comments/remedy Look in the fuse box to make sure that the fuse for the appliance is okay. Class B means that the appliance is suitable for use in a private household environment. Tables and tips This table contains a selection of dishes and the optimum settings at which to cook them. You can use the table to look up which microwave setting, type of heating, and temperature are most suitable for your dish, which accessories to use, and at what height to set the wire rack. You will find a variety of tips about ovenware and preparation, and a small troubleshooting section in case anything should go wrong. Defrosting, heating up and cooking with the microwave The following tables provide you with numerous options and adjustment values for the microwave. They may vary according to the ovenware used, the quality, temperature and consistency of the food. Set the shortest time first and then extend the time if necessary. 34 It may be that you have different quantities from those specified in the tables. A rule of thumb can be applied: Double amount just under double cooking time, half amount half the cooking time. Defrosting Place the frozen food in an open container on the wire rack. Delicate parts such as the legs and wings of chicken or fatty outer layers of roasts can be covered with small pieces of aluminium foil. Leave defrosted items to stand at room temperature for a further 10 minutes to 1 hour so that the temperature can even out. The giblets can be removed from poultry at this point. Amount Whole joints of meat e. g. beef, pork, veal (with or without bones) Diced or sliced beef, pork and veal Mixed minssced meat 800 g 1. 000 g 1. 500 g 200 g 500 g 800 g 200 g 500 g 800 g 1000 g 600 g 1. 200 g 2. 000 g Microwave setting (watts), Cooking time in minutes 180 W, 15 mins. [. . . ] The cake does not turn out when turned upside down. You have checked the oven temperature with your own thermometer and have discovered a discrepancy. Sparks appear between the dish and the wire rack. Energy saving tips Only preheat the oven if it specifies in the recipe or in the table in the instruction manual that you should do so. If you have several cakes to bake it is best to bake them one after the other. For long cooking times, it is possible to switch off the oven 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time and thus use the residual heat to finish off the cooking. 46 Bakes, gratins, toast The table applies to dishes placed in a cold oven. [. . . ]


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