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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This section explains all the functions of your new appliance and how to operate it. The tables have been structured in such a way as to provide a stepĆbyĆstep guide to the cooker settings. They contain information on simple recipes, appropriate ovenware and the ideal settings, all of which have of course been carefully tested in our cooking studio. It also contains a number of tips on care and cleaning to ensure that your appliance continues to look good for a long time. [. . . ] Food in containers made of plastic, paper or other combustible materials must be monitored during heating. Q Never cook eggs in their shells nor heat up hardĆboiled eggs, as they may crack or explode. Q Always prick the skin of foodstuffs with hard crusts or skins such as apples, tomatoes, potatoes and sausages before cooking to prevent the skin from bursting. Q You must carefully monitor the process when drying herbs, fruit, bread or mushrooms as overdrying can create a fire hazard. Q Porcelain or ceramic ovenware can have small perforations in the handles or lid. Any liquid that penetrates this cavity may cause the ovenware to crack. Q Always use the microwave settings and cooking times specified in the instruction manual. If you select a heat setting that is too high or a cooking time that is too long, this may cause the food to ignite and the appliance to be damaged. 34 The control panel Display panel for the duration Rotary knob for setting the duration. Buttons for the Defrost programme Stop button Start button Power setting selector 90 watts 180 watts 360 watts 600 watts 1000 watts Door opener 35 PushĆin control knobs Accessories The knob and the power selector can be pushed in at any position. Place the support ring (a) in the drive (c) in the centre of the cooking compartment base. Q Leave defrosted items to stand at room tempeĆ rature for a further 10 to 20 minutes so that the temperature can stabilize. Beef, pork or veal (with or without bones) 800 g 1, 000 g 1, 500 g 40 Amount Diced or sliced beef, pork and veal Mixed minced meat 200 g 500 g 800 g 200 g 500 g 800 g 600 g 1, 200 g 400 g 300 g 600 g 300 g 300 g 500 g 125 g 250 g 500 g 1, 000 g 500 g 750 g Microwave setting in watts Time in minutes 180 W, 5 min. Turn several times during defrosting and remove meat which has already been defrosted. Poultry or poultry portions Fish fillet, fish steak, slices Whole fish Vegetables e. Fruit cake and quark cake Separate the pieces of cake when turning them. Only for cakes without icing, cream or crème pâtissière. 41 Defrosting, heating up or cooking frozen foods q Take readyĆmade meals out of their packaging. They will heat up more quickly and evenly if you place them in microwavable dishes. Therefore it is best to spread out the food so that it lies flat in the container. If you do not have a suitable lid for your dish, use a plate or special microwave foil. Q Once you have heated up the meals, leave them to stand for another 2 to 5 minutes so that the temperature can stabilize. [. . . ] The food can then be prepared further, even though thick pieces of meat may still be frozen in the middle. Under no circumstances should this liquid be used or be allowed to come into contact with other foods. Programme number P1 Weight range Food Meat and poultry Ć roasts Ć thin pieces of meat Ć mince Ć chicken, poularde, duck Fish whole fish, fillet, steak Bread and cakes* Ć whole loaf, round or long, slices of bread, sponge cakes, yeast cakes, fruit cakes * 0. 5 kg P2 P3 Cream gateaux, cream cakes and cakes with icing, frosting or gelatine are not suitable. [. . . ]


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