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[. . . ] In the unlikely event of a malfunction, look here for information on how to rectify minor faults yourself. A detailed table of contents will help you to find your way around quickly. 101 71 Before connecting your new appliance Important safety precautions Please read this instruction manual carefully. Only then will you be able to operate your appliance safely and correctly. [. . . ] Never reheat hardĆboiled eggs as they can explode even after microwave operation has ended. Always prick the skin of foodstuffs with hard peel or skins, such as apples, tomatoes, potatoes and sauĆ sages, before cooking to prevent the peel or skin from bursting. Foods with shells or skin d Drying food Food with a low water content Cooking oil d d d Never use the microwave to dry food. Do not defrost or heat food at too high a power or for too long if the food has a low water content, e. 78 The control panel Display for clock and cooking time Clock button Rotary knob for setting the time and cooking time or for setting automatic programming Start button Stop button Memory button Buttons for automatic programming P = Programme button p = Weight button Buttons for microwave settings 90 watts 180 watts 360 watts 600 watts 900 watts Door opener 79 PushĆin control knobs Accessories The turntable The knob can be pushed in at any position. Place the support ring (a) in the shaft (c) in the centre of the cooking compartment base. 80 Before using for the first time When the appliance is connected or after a power cut, three zeros will appear in the display panel. Setting the time The dark buttons in the picture are needed for making settings 1. Hiding the clock Resetting the clock Press j clock and then press stop. From summer to winter time 81 The microwave Microwaves are converted to heat in foodstuffs. The microwave is ideal for rapid defrosting, heating up, melting and cooking. amount Microwave settings in watts Time in minutes 600 W , 10 Ć 15 min. Notes Menu, plated meal, readyĆmade meals in two to three parts Drinks 300 Ć 400 g 150 ml 300 ml 500 ml 50 ml 100 ml 200 ml 200 g 400 g 500 g 400 g 800 g 150 g 300 g 900 W, 1 Ć 2 min. Meat in sauce Stew Vegetables1 portion 2 portions 88 Cooking food Always cook food in covered dishes. Therefore it is best to spread out the food so that it lies flat in the container. If possible, you should not place layers of food on top of each other. Once you have cooked the meals, leave them to stand for another 2 to 5 minutes so that the temperature can stabilize. Amount Fresh whole chicken without giblets Fresh fish fillet Fresh vegetables 1. 2 kg Microwave settings in watts Time in minutes 600 W , 25 Ć 30 min. Stir the pudding thoroughly using an egg whisk 2 to 3 times during the cooking. 89 Microwave tips You cannot find any information Increase or reduce the cooking times using the following rule of about the settings for the quantity thumb: of food you have prepared. Double amount = double cooking time half amount = half the cooking time The food has become too dry. [. . . ] Care and cleaning d d d Do not use highĆpressure cleaners or steam jets. Unplug from outlet before cleaning and allow the appliance to cool down. If an abrasive substance comes into contact with the frontage, wash it off immediately with water. Clean exterior and interior of appliance with a cloth moistened with mild soap and dry with another clean cloth. [. . . ]


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