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Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HF35M562/39INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · To avoid deterioration of your microwave oven, never operate it empty or without the turntable. · Never tamper with the lock mechanism of your microwave oven; this could cause damage requiring repair by an authorised technician. · Before use, make sure that the containers are appropriate for microwave usage (e. g. : heat resistant glass, porcelain, etc. ). · It is not advisable to use metal recipients, forks, spoons, knives, metal ties or staples for deepfreeze bags. [. . . ] · THE WHEEL SUPPORT : Do not try to rotate the roller ring manually, as you could damage the drive system. If it does not turn smoothly, make sure that there is nothing in the well beneath the turntable. · Speed DEFROST STICKER : position the sticker as shown above. 26 The control panel A Display window : to simplify programming, the display indicates : the time of day, the types of food and functions, the minutes / seconds, weight or temperature programmed. B The selector knob : to choose the food type, function, programme time, weight or temperature. D FUNCTION key : to choose the appropriate function, with the selector knob. E "AUTO" key : automatically sets the correct programme time according to a specified food type and weight. F FAN key : to cook as if with a traditional oven. A B G GRILL key : to select low or high grill. H "Speed DEFROST" key : : to quickly defrost all types of frozen food. PAUSE/CANCEL key : to interrupt (press once) or cancel a programme (press twice). Also used to set the clock. C F D E G J H I K J K START key : to start all programmes. 27 Setting the clock After first plugging in your microwave oven or after a power outage, the clock reads 0 0 : 0 0 and the two dots flash. 00:00 To set the clock : - Press the PAUSE / CANCEL key for 5 seconds. The 4 numbers flash, and a tone sounds indicating the hour must be set. Always allow the grill to cool off 25 minutes before touching it. Grill Positions 1 2 · After grilling make sure to use an oven mitt to handle dishes, and remember to use only oven proof cookware such as ceramic dishes or heat resistant glass. · The dual level grill offers you a choice between : HIGH GRILL key once) and LOW GRILL (press twice). (press the GRILL As a rule, use the HIGH GRILL level to grill meat and fish and the LOW GRILL level with the simultaneous microwave + grill function for gratins and to brown delicate dishes. Programming the dual-level grill w Press the GRILL key once to select HIGH GRILL . , the low rack the glass pie dish ·The appliance heats up when the fan function is employed. Always use an oven mitt to remove your dish as it may become quite hot. ·If you wish to defrost frozen food after using one of the fan functions, for better results, first let the microwave oven cool down for about ten minutes. 37 Programming the fan function Example : to bake an apple pie Using your favorite recipe, prepare the pie in the glass pie dish. Set the dish on the rack in the low position and place together on the turntable. You choose the temperature and cooktime yourself according to personal preference. w 1 7 5 ° flashes, requesting you set the desired temperature, ex. w Press START . 220° 40:00 Programming the fan + microwave function Example : to cook a 1 kg roast beef Set the roast in a non-metallic roasting pan, dress and season to taste. Put the pan on the rack in the low position and place together on the center of the turntable. You may program the fan + microwave function 3 different ways : Automatic programming With the AUTO key, the programme time is set automatically according to the weight of your food item. w Press the AUTO key; the appropriate temperature for the roast is set automatically, 5 0 flashes, requesting you set the weight of your food item : for the 1-kilo roast beef, enter 1 0 0 0 . [. . . ] · Clean with a damp, soapy sponge both on the inside and outside, with special attention to the door seal and front of the cavity which must be kept clean at all times. If these surfaces are damaged because they become excessively dirty, call in a specialised technician before using your oven. · In the event of bad odors or caked-on dirt, boil water containing lemon juice or vinegar in a cup for 2 minutes and clean the walls with a little dishwashing liquid. · For those ovens with grill or convection heat functions, the top and rear air vents become very hot. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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