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Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HF35M562B/02

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] When grilling directly on the rack, the glass tray should be placed underneath the rack to catch any fat or juices. It can be used to heat snacks or small meals quickly whilst maintaining crispness. Cover The cover supplied must only be used in the Microwave-solo mode. It prevents the food from drying out and the oven from becoming dirty, and it accelerates the heating process. [. . . ] The cooking duration can be increased by pressing the START button during operation; each time the START button is pressed, the cooking duration is increased by another 30 seconds. Programming times To alter the set times: ^ Use the START c button to select the time you want to reprogramme (press once, twice or three times), and hold the START c button pressed in. ^ While holding the START button pressed in, alter the time with the time selector (to max. An interruption to the power supply will cancel any altered programmed times, and they will need to be entered again. The key symbol reappears whenever any button or one of the rotary selectors is operated. After an interruption to the mains power supply, the system lock will need to be re-activated. To cancel the system lock ^ Press the Stop/C button again and hold it pressed in until an audible tone sounds. System lock The system lock prevents the appliance being used by children, for example. To activate the system lock ^ Press and hold the Stop/C button until an audible tone sounds and the key symbol appears in the display: 26 Operation Minute minder The minute minder can be used to time any activity in the kitchen, e. g. The minute minder time will start itself after a few seconds if the START button is not pressed. Minute minder + cooking function The minute minder can be used at the same time as a cooking function, and counts down in the background. ^ After a few seconds the minute minder time set will begin to count down. Before using for the first time Before using the gourmet plate for the first time, fill it with 400 ml water and add 3-4 tbsps vinegar or lemon juice. Searing / browning food ^ When using the gourmet plate, make sure that the food is ready to transfer to the gourmet plate as soon as it has heated up. Do not place it on the rack as this could cause sparking and damage the gourmet plate. If using oil, you can either heat up the oil on the gourmet plate, or you can heat the oil separately and then add it to the plate. Butter, however, should always be added after heating up the gourmet plate. It has a lower burning point than oil and would get too dark or burn if added too soon. Always dry meat, poultry, fish and vegetables thoroughly before placing them on the gourmet plate. 30 Do not use the gourmet plate to cook eggs or reheat cooked eggs. The eggs can burst. The gourmet plate has an easy to clean anti-stick coating so that food can be removed easily. Metallic or sharp objects can damage the coating. Some suggested uses Pre-heat the gourmet plate directly on the turntable for 5 minutes at 450 W + Grill L. Fish fingers (frozen), 150 g + 2 tbsp oil L, 3-4 minutes each side Hamburgers 2 burgers + 2 tbsp oil L, 3 - 4 minutes each side Croquette potatoes (frozen), 10-12 + 2 tbsp oil L, 6-8 minutes, turning halfway through Fillet steak, approx. 200 g Q, 5 minutes each side (according to taste) Pizza (frozen), 300 g, L, 7-9 minutes Pizza (fresh), without pre-heating L, 15 minutes approx. [. . . ] Replacement fuses should be ASTA approved to BS 1362 and have the correct rating. Replacement fuses and fuse covers can be purchased from your local electrical supplier. If the connection cable is damaged it must be replaced by a Miele approved Service Technician only. This appliance conforms with European Standard EN 55011 as a Group 2, Class B product. [. . . ]


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