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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 16 16 17 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 20 2 Safety precautions Safety precautions Caution: Read the safety precautions and the user guide before use. Explain their contents to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone. $ Only use the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base station or charging cradle. Never use a conventional (nonrechargeable) battery pack as this could damage your health and cause injury. Be aware of the technical conditions in your particular environment, e. g. [. . . ] The following functions can be selected with q: Automatic Redial The selected number is automatically dialled in fixed intervals (at least every 20 seconds). The handsfree key flashes and "open listening" is activated. The function is ended after pressing any key or ten unsuccessful attempts. 15 Handset settings Handset settings Your handset is preconfigured, but you can change these settings to suit your individual requirements. Shortcuts for functions and numbers You can assign the left display key and each of the digit keys Q and 2 to O a number or a function. The number is then dialled or the function started by simply pressing a key. Depending on your base station, further key assignments are also possible. If the left display key has been assigned a shortcut, the selected function or name of the phone number in the directory or callby-call list is displayed (abbreviated if necessary) in the bottom display line. Starting the function, dialling the number If the handset is in idle status, press and hold the digit key or press the display key briefly. u The function menu is opened. Assigning a digit key/left display key Precondition: The digit key or the left display key has not yet been assigned a number or a function. The following can be selected: Quick Dial / Call-by-Call Assign key to a number from the directory or call-by-call list. If you delete or edit an entry in the directory or call-by-call list, this has no effect on the assignment to the digit/ display key. Alarm Clock Assign the key with the menu for setting and activating the alarm clock (page 22): Alarm Clock . Bluetooth Assign the Bluetooth menu to a key: w Bluetooth . Changing key assignments Display key The list of possible key assignments is opened. Proceed as is described when first assigning the key with a shortcut (page 16). Press and hold the left display key. Digit key Change Press the digit key briefly. In idle status, you can also open the menu Ringer Settings by pressing t briefly. 18 Handset settings Settings for all functions to ring the same Vibration alarm Incoming calls and other messages are indicated by vibration. w Audio Settings Silent Alert Select and press OK ( = on). w Audio Settings Ringer Settings All Set volume and ringtone (see "Settings for individual functions"). a Press and hold (idle status). Setting your own dialling code In order to transfer phone numbers between Bluetooth connections and phone, it is essential that your dialling code (country and area code) is stored on the phone. w Handset Area Codes Check that the (pre)set dialling code is correct. Example: Area Codes International code: 00 - 47 Activating/deactivating the ringtone You can deactivate the ringtone on your handset before you answer a call or when the handset is in idle status; the ringtone can be deactivated permanently or just for the current call. The ringtone cannot be re-activated while an external call is in progress. Deactivating the ringtone permanently * Press the star key and hold until you can no longer hear the ringtone. The icon appears in the display. Re-activating the ringtone * Press and hold the star key. Deactivating the ringtone for the current call Silence Press the display key. Activating/deactivating the alert tone In place of the ringer tone you can activate an alert tone. When you get a call, you will hear a short tone ("Beep") instead of the ringtone. * Press and hold the star key and within 3 seconds: Beep Press the display key. You will now see in the display. Local area code: X [] Save 19 Handset settings My stuff My stuff on the handset manages sounds, which you can use as ringtones, and pictures (CLIP pictures and screensavers), which you can use as caller pictures or as screensavers; Precondition: Calling line identification (CLIP). My stuff can manage the following media types: Icon Sound Polyphonic Polyphonic Picture (CLIP picture, screensaver) Format Standard . mid BMP (128 x 100 or 128 x 160 pixels) Ringtones; monophonic Standard Press the display key. [. . . ] This is illustrated below using the example of "Setting the date and time". You will see the following display (example): Date/Time Date: [15. 11. 2005] Time: 11:11 PC Interface You can connect the handset to your computer using a data cable (page 32). Your handset can communicate with a computer via a program (free download at www. gigaset. com/gigasetSL560). You can access your handset's directory and download sounds (. mid) and pictures (. bmp) for the screensaver from your computer to the handset. [. . . ]


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