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SIEMENS HW290562B/01 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (274 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS HW290562B/01INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Explain their contents to your children, and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone. $ Only use the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base station or the back of the charging cradle. Never use a conventional (non-rechargeable) battery pack as this could damage your health and cause injury. Be aware of the technical conditions in your particular environment, e. g. Do not hold the rear of the handset to your ear when it is ringing or when the handsfree function is activated. [. . . ] The terminal is stored in your SMS provider's database as having no fixed network SMS functionality, i. e. Register the terminal (again) for SMS reception (see above). You receive a message whose text is incomplete. The provider has not yet sent the rest of the message. 32 Operating the answering machine Operating the answering machine You can operate the answering machine that is integrated in the base station via the handset or via remote operation (other phone/mobile phone). You can also listen to messages via remote operation using voice commands (page 38). Announcement mode You can use the answering machine in two different modes. & Record mode, the caller hears the announcement and can then leave a message. u In Announce Only mode, the caller hears your announcement but cannot leave a message. w Voice Mail Announcements Record Announce / Record Anc Only OK Press the display key to start the recording. You can rerecord the announcement with New. Recording a personal announcement/ announce only Please note: u Recording ends automatically if the Operation via the handset The handset loudspeaker activates automatically if you receive an acoustic prompt or message while operating. w Voice Mail Ans Machine ( = on) After switching on, the remaining memory time is announced. If the time has not yet been set (page 8), an appropriate announcement is then made. The phone is supplied with a pre-recorded announcement for the answer and record mode or announce only mode. If a personal announcement has not been recorded, the corresponding pre-recorded announcement is used. Switching answering machine on/off maximum recording time of 170 seconds is exceeded or there is a break in speech for more than 2 seconds. If 2 seconds of the call have already been recorded when you pick it up, the call will be displayed as a new message. You can accept the call even if it is not signalled on the handset. Reading CNIP information of a message Please read page 24. Marking a message as "new" A previously played back "old" message is displayed as a "new" message again. The f key on the handset flashes. 35 Operating the answering machine Diverting an external call to the answering machine You can divert an incoming external call to the answering machine even if it is switched off. Requirement: sufficient storage space is available on the answering machine. An external call is signalled on the handset: Y Press the display key. The answering machine starts immediately in recording mode and records the call. The set time for the call acceptance (page 36) is ignored. Activating/deactivating listen in During recording of a message you can listen in via the loudspeaker of registered handsets. w Voice Mail Call Screening Handset ( = on) a Press and hold (idle status). You can switch off the Call Screening function on the handset during the recording. Permanently activating/deactivating listen in Activating/deactivating two-way recording You can record an external call with the answering machine. The two-way recording is indicated on the display by an advisory text and is added to the answering machine list as a new message. recording time depends on the available memory of the answering machine. If the memory is full you will hear an end tone, the recording is aborted, and the call recorded up to that point is listed in the answering machine list as a new message. Switching off listen in for the current recording a Press the end call key. Setting up the answering machine The answering machine has already been preset at the factory. [. . . ] Select the required character and insert it with Insert. PC Interface You can connect your handset to your computer using the data cable (page 63). Your handset can communicate with a computer via a program (free download at www. gigaset. com/gigasetSL565). You can access your handset's directory and load sounds (. mid) and screensaver pictures (. bmp) onto the handset from your computer. During the transfer of data between handset and PC, you will see Data Transfer on the display. [. . . ]


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