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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Keep these instructions and they should remain at the appliance when moving away or changing owner. This appliance is designed for storing food, domestic use according to these instructions only. Specialised companies that are qualified to do so by the manufacturer must carry out service and repairs including repairing and changing the power cord. Otherwise the appliance can be damaged or can cause other damage or injury. [. . . ] Do not make ice during freezing preferably, because making ice reduces freezing capacity. It is safe to store quick-frozen, frozen foods only if they have not dissolved even for a short time until placing them into the freezer. If the deepfrozen food has already dissolved, refreezing is not recommended, it has to be used up as soon as possible. How to make ice cubes To make ice cubes fill the enclosed ice cube tray with water and put it to the frozen food compartment. Wetting the bottom of the tray and setting thermostatic control knob to maximum position can shorten preparing time. After finishing do not forget to reset the thermostatic control to the suitable position. Ready ice cubes can be taken out of the tray under running water then twist or hit it. If the ice tray freezes to the compartment, avoid using metal tools or knife to take it out as the cooling system can be damaged. Some useful information and advice The variable shelves are worth paying attention to, which increases the usability of the fresh food compartment considerably. rearranging the shelves is also possible when the door is open at an angle of 90°. After opening and closing the door of freezer vacuum will rise inside the appliance because of the low temperature. The appliance shall not be discarded together with the urban refuse and rubbish. Avoid damaging the cooling unit, especially at the rear near the heat exchanger. Information on your local disposal sites may be obtained from your municipal authorities. The materials used on this appliance marked with the sympol are recyclable. Clean the melting water outlet with the supplied pipe scraper that can be seen in the figure. The most typical case of clogging up in the melting water outlet when you put food wrapped in some paper into the appliance and this paper contacts back plate of the refrigerator and freezes to it. If you remove the food right at this moment the paper will tear and it can cause clogging up in the outlet by getting into it. So you are asked to be careful - because of the above - when placing foods wrapped in paper into the appliance. During heatwaves, the refrigerator temporarily happens to operate constantly - during this the automatic defrosting is ineffective. Remaining small ice and frost stains on back plate of the refrigerator after defrosting period is not abnormal. The freezer can not be equipped with automatic defrosting set since the deep-frozen and frozen foods do not endure melting temperature. [. . . ] Do not stand the appliance on a sunny place or close to a radiator or cooker. If it is unavoidable because of furnishing and the appliance has to be stood near a cooker take these minimum distances into consideration: In case of gas or electric cooker 3 cm must be left, when it is less put a 0, 5-1 cm non-flam insulation between the two appliances. In case of oil or coal-fired stove the distance must be 30 cms since they give off more heat. The refrigerator is designed to operate when it is totally pushed to the wall. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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