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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The manufacturer only guarantees that the safety requirements are met if these parts are used. A mains cable extension lead may only be procured via customer services. n Do not store liquids in bottles or cans in the freezer compartment (in particular carbonated beverages). Never eat frozen foods immediately after they have been taken out of the freezer compartment. Avoid prolonged contact of your hands with frozen foods, ice, and the evaporator tubes etc. [. . . ] In principle, the following applies: The fresher the produce when it is placed into the hydroFresh drawers, the longer it will keep. When purchasing food, always pay attention to how fresh it is. Allow warm food and beverages to cool down outside of the appliance. Pack food so that it is airtight to prevent it from losing its flavour or drying out. Do not allow oil or fat to come into contact with plastic parts or with the door seals. n n n Removing the hydroFresh drawers 1. Lift the front of the hydroFresh drawer and remove it. hydroFresh drawers The temperature in the hydroFresh drawers is kept at around 0 °C. This low temperature provides optimum storage conditions for perishable goods. Foods can be kept in the hydroFresh drawers for a much longer period of time before spoiling than they can if stored in the normal fridge compartment. This special filter optimises the air humidity in the hydroFresh drawers. As a result, the air humidity in the hydroFresh drawers is up to 90 % relative humidity depending on how full they are. This storage atmosphere provides optimum conditions for fresh produce such as vegetables, salad, herbs, and fruit. Hold down the "quick ice" key for 15 seconds until the unit of temperature changes. 3. Insertion: Insert the hydroFresh drawer into the drawer slide and push it backwards. Fridge compartment The temperature of the fridge compartment can be adjusted between +2 °C and +8 °C. Storing ice cubes. n Storage life of frozen food The storage life of food depends on the foot type. The following guidelines apply to a temperature of -18 °C: n Caution!Such food can only be frozen again after being prepared (boiled or roasted). Do not fully utilise the maximum storage period for the frozen food. Fish, sausage, prepared dishes, bakery products: Up to 6 months Cheese, poultry, meat: Up to 8 months Vegetables, fruit: Up to 12 months. n n 16 de en Features of the freezer compartment Top frozen food drawer The frozen food drawer can be removed. Carefully pull out the brackets on both sides and lift the front of the frozen food drawer. Pull the frozen food drawer towards you. Ice and water dispenser The following can be dispensed as required: n n n The ice maker can produce up to 100 ice cubes in 24 hours assuming that ice cubes are removed several times a day. The quantity produced depends on the room temperature and the appliance's temperature setting. When ice is being produced, you can hear the water valve, the sound of the water flowing into the ice bowl, and the sound of the ice cubes falling down once they have been produced. Do not put bottles or food for fast cooling into the ice cube container. The ice maker can become blocked and damaged. Chilled water, Crushed ice, Ice cubes. Do not reach into the ice cube dispenser opening. Note the following when placing the appliance into operation The ice and water dispenser only works if the appliance is connected to the water supply. [. . . ] Clean the drawer rails. The inside light is not working. The light switch for the fridge or freezer compartment is jammed. The door won't close properly. Drawers can be closed only with difficulty. The drawer is inserted incorrectly. The drawer rails are dirty. 23 de en Ice and water dispenser Malfunction The water filter symbol is flashing. Following the replacement of the filter cartridge, the water filter symbol was not reset. [. . . ]


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