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[. . . ] Your Gigaset can do a lot more than just make calls: Bluetooth and mini USB Connect your handset to a PC or headset using a mini USB ( page 12) or Bluetooth ( page 25). Directory for up to 500 vCards calendar and appointments Save phone numbers and other data to the directory ( page 17). Enter appointments and birthdays in the calendar and set reminders ( page 22). Large font Increase readability of call lists and the directory ( page 28). Customise Assign personal caller display pictures ( page 17), view your personal pictures as a screensaver slide show ( page 28) or change the colour scheme of the display ( page 28). Choose from a selection of ringtones specially composed for your SL400 or load your own ( page 29). If you don't (always) want it to ring Make the most of the silent alert ( page 30), the time control for calls ( page 29) or ensure that all calls with a withheld number are not signalled ( page 30). Other practical information Synchronise the directory of an existing Gigaset handset ( page 18), use the quick dial function ( page 18), adapt your Gigaset to suit your handsfree requirements ( page 29) and adjust the brightness of your keypad to suit you ( page 28). Environment Gigaset Green Home -- Be environmentally aware when using your phone. Details about our ECO DECT products can be found at www. gigaset. com/customercare. [. . . ] During a call, the wake-up call is only signalled by a short tone. u Always check the operation of the Warning! Deactivating the wake-up call/ repeating after a pause (snooze mode) Prerequisite: A wake-up call is sounding. After the second repetition, the wake-up call is deactivated completely. room monitor before use. Check the connection if you are diverting the room monitor to an external number. u When the function is switched on, the handset's operating time is considerably reduced. u Ideally the handset should be positioned 1 to 2 metres away from the baby. u The connection to which the room monitor is diverted must not be blocked by an activated answering machine. Using a handset as a room monitor If the room monitor is activated, a previously saved destination number is called as soon as a set noise level is reached. You can save an internal or external number in your handset as the destination number. All of the handset keys are deactivated, with the exception of the display keys. The room monitor call to an external number is terminated after approximately 90 seconds. The room monitor call to an internal number (handset) stops after approx. When the room monitor is activated, all keys are locked except the end call key. The number is then dialled or the function started by simply pressing a key. Changing display key assignments display key. The following can be selected: Room Monitor ( page 24) Alarm Clock ( page 23) Calendar ( page 22) Bluetooth ( page 25) Redial ( page 20) More Functions. . . More features are available: Call Lists ( page 20) INT Make an internal call ( page 16) SMS (dependent on base) Withhold Number (dependent on base) Select an entry and press OK. Press and hold the left or right side of the Assigning digit keys Prerequisite: the digit key has not yet been assigned a number and there is at least one entry in the directory. Press and hold the digit key or Press the digit key briefly and press the display key QuickDial. The entry is saved to the corresponding digit key. Changing the display language You can view the display texts in different languages. s Select language and press Select. Selecting numbers/changing an assignment Prerequisite: The digit key already has a number assigned to it. When the handset is in idle status Press and hold the digit key: The number is dialled immediately. Press the display key with the number/ name (abbreviated if necessary) to select the number or Press display key Change to change the digit assignment or press display key Clear Key to delete the assignment. If you accidentally choose a language you do not understand: v Ϣ s s s Press keys in sequence and confirm by selecting OK. s Select the correct language and press the right display key. 27 Defining handset settings Setting the display Setting the screensaver/slide show When in idle status, a picture or a slide show (all the pictures are displayed one after the other) from the Screensaver folder of the Resource Directory ( page 30) or the time can be displayed as a screensaver. If a screensaver is activated, the Screensaver menu option is marked with . You can enter data in the following fields: Activation: Select On (screensaver is displayed) or Off (no screensaver). [. . . ] The aim of our global activity is to secure sustainable life resources for humanity. We are committed to a responsibility for our products that comprises their entire life cycle. The environmental impact of products, including their manufacture, procurement, distribution, use, service and disposal, are already evaluated during product and process design. Further information on environmentally friendly products and processes is available on the Internet at www. gigaset. com. 35 Appendix Appendix Caring for your telephone Wipe the charger and handset with a damp cloth (do not use solvent or a microfiber cloth) or an antistatic cloth. [. . . ]


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