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[. . . ] Repairs may be performed by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person only. The manufacturer guarantees that only these parts satisfy the safety requirements. 18 en Important information when using the appliance ■ Children in the household ■ Never use electrical appliances inside the appliance (e. Before defrosting and cleaning the appliance, pull out the mains plug or switch off the fuse. [. . . ] Temperature display The numbers correspond to the set refrigerator compartment temperatures in °C. Alarm button Used to switch off the warning signal, see chapter “Alarm function”. 1-5 6* 7 8 9* 10 11 12 13* 14 Controls Fan Light Glass shelf Extendable glass shelf Vegetable container with humidity control Butter and cheese compartment Door shelf Vario door shelf Shelf for large bottles 4 5 22 en Switching on the appliance Fig. We recommend a factory setting of +4 °C in the refrigerator compartment. 2 Refrigerator compartment The temperature can be set from +2 °C to +8 °C. Keep pressing temperature setting button 3 until the required refrigerator compartment temperature is set. Operating tips ■ ■ After the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperature has been reached. While the refrigeration unit is running, water droplets or hoarfrost may form at the rear panel of the refrigerator. It is not necessary to scrape off the frost or wipe off the water droplets. The condensation collects in the drainage channel and is carried to the refrigeration unit where it evaporates. Alarm function Door alarm The door alarm (continuous sound) switches on if the appliance door is open for longer than two minutes. – Usable capacity Information on the usable capacity can be found inside your appliance on the rating plate. 23 en Refrigerator compartment The refrigerator compartment is the ideal storage location for meat, sausage, fish, dairy products, eggs, ready meals and pastries. Note the chill zones in the refrigerator compartment The air circulation in the refrigerator compartment creates different chill zones: ■ Coldest zone is between the arrow stamped on the side and the glass shelf situated below. In the case of ready-made products and bottled goods, observe the bestbefore date or use-by date specified by the manufacturer. To retain aroma, colour and freshness, pack or cover food well before placing in the appliance. This will prevent the transfer of flavours and the discolouration of plastic parts in the refrigerator compartment. Allow warm food and drinks to cool down before placing in the appliance. Cheese can then continue to release its flavour and the butter will still be easy to spread. 5 The vegetable container is the optimum storage location for fresh fruit and vegetables. A humidity controller and a special seal can be used to adjust the air humidity in the vegetable container. This allows fresh fruit and vegetables to be stored twice as long as with conventional storage. [. . . ] Customer service Your local customer service can be found in the telephone directory or in the customer-service index. Please provide customer service with the appliance product number (E-Nr. To prevent unnecessary call-outs, please assist customer service by quoting the product and production numbers. 2/2, for 3-5 seconds within the first 10 seconds until an acoustic signal sounds. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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