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[. . . ] 28 1 19 en Safety instructions ( Safety instructions sno i t cur t sn i y t e f aS Risk of electric shock Improper installations and repairs may put the user at considerable risk. – If the power cord is damaged: Immediately disconnect appliance from the power supply. – Have the appliance repaired by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person only. The manufacturer guarantees that these parts satisfy the safety requirements. [. . . ] 16 A Outside Europe: Check whether the indicated current type of the appliance corresponds with the values of your power supply. @ H P* X ` h* )" )* )2* ): Controls Lighting Extendable shelf Vegetable container Rating plate Berry tray Freezer calendar Frozen food container Butter and cheese compartment Tray for large bottles 25 en Getting to know your appliance Controls ~ Fig. & You can remove the container: ■ Pull out the container all the way, lift at the front and remove. ' You can remove the storage compartment: ■ Lift up storage compartment and remove. /)" The freezer calendar indicates the maximum storage duration in months at a constant temperature of –18 °C. Cans or bottles): ■ Take out the front part of the shelf and push under the rear part. Note: If the ice cube tray is stuck to the freezer compartment, loosen with a blunt implement only (e. To loosen the ice cubes, twist the ice cube tray slightly or hold briefly under flowing water. Ice pack ■ In the event of a power failure or a fault: The ice pack delays the warming of the stored frozen food. Note: The longest storage time is obtained by placing the ice pack on the food in the top compartment. 26 Operating the appliance en 1 Operating the appliance ecna i l p a eh t gn i t arepO Setting the temperature Recommended temperature Refrigerator compartment: Refrigerator compartment ■ Switching on the appliance 1. ~ "Setting the temperature" on page 27 Keep pressing the button °C until the display indicates the required temperature. Operating tips ■ ■ ■ After the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperatures have been reached. Do not put in any food until the selected temperature has been reached. If the freezer compartment door cannot be immediately re-opened after it has been closed, wait until the resulting low pressure has equalised. Freezer compartment The temperature in the refrigerator compartment will affect the temperature in the freezer compartment. Change the temperature in the refrigerator compartment in order to change the temperature in the freezer compartment. Note the chill zones in the refrigerator compartment The air circulation in the refrigerator compartment creates different chill zones. 28 Freezer compartment en Coldest zone The coldest zone is between the arrow stamped on the side and the shelf underneath. Cheese can continue to release its flavour and the butter will still be easy to spread. W Freezer compartment t nemt rapmoc reze rF The freezer compartment is suitable for: ■ storing frozen food ■ making ice cubes ■ freezing food Vegetable container ~ Fig. /X The vegetable container is the best storage location for fresh fruit and vegetables. [. . . ] 32 Odours en Cleaning the equipment To clean, take the variable parts out of the appliance. ~ "Interior fittings" on page 26 Condensation channel ~ Fig. ) Regularly clean the condensation channel and drainage hole with a cotton bud or similar implement to ensure that the condensation can drain. 9 Lighting gn i t hg i L Your appliance features a maintenance-free LED light. [. . . ]


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