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Manual abstract: user guide SIEMENS LI48632/02INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] If no activated carbon filter is installed, it is not possible to bind the odorous substances in the cooking vapours. 3 Before using for the first time Important notes: The Instructions for Use apply to several versions of this appliance. Accordingly, you may find descriptions of individual features that do not apply to your specific appliance. Before using your appliance for the first time, please read these Instructions for Use carefully. [. . . ] Cleaning the metal grease filters: In normal operation (1 to 2 hours daily), the metal grease filter must be cleaned 1 x a month. The filter must be placed loosely, and NOT wedged, in the dishwasher. Important: Metal filters that are saturated with grease should not be washed together with other dishes etc. When cleaning the filters by hand, soak them in hot soapy water first of all. Then brush the filters clean, rinse them thoroughly and leave the water to drain off. 123 Light Off/On Ventilator settings Light Off/On Ventilator settings Lighting: The light can be switched on at any time, even though the fan is switched off. 6 Filters and maintenance Removing and inserting the metal grease filters: 1. Press the catch on the grease filters inwards and fold the filters down. At the same time take hold of the underside of the grease filters with your other hand. Remove the metal filters (see "Removing and inserting the metal grease filters"). Insert an activated carbon filter on the right and left of the fan motor and rotate the filters until they lock into position. 1. 2. Insert the grease filters (see removal and installation of the metal-mesh grease filters). Replacing the activated carbon filters: During normal operation (1 to 2 hours per day) the activated carbon filters should be replaced approximately 1 x year. The smaller the gap between the extractor hood and hotplates, the greater the likelihood that droplets will form on the underside of the extractor hood. Additional information concerning gas cookers: When installing gas hotplates, comply with the relevant national statutory regulations (e. g. Always comply with the currently valid regulations and installation instructions supplied by the gas appliance manufacturer. Only one side of the extractor hood may be installed next to a high-sided unit or high wall. Minimum distance on gas hotplates between the upper edge of the trivet and lower edge of the extractor hood: 650 mm, Fig. 1. Prior to installation Preparing the wall The wall must be flat and perpendicular. plasterboard, porous concrete, Poroton bricks) use the appropriate fasteners. Ensure that the wall is capable of providing a firm hold for mounting screws and plugs. Weight in kg: Exhaust air 060 cm 070 cm 090 cm 100 cm 120 cm 12, 5 13, 0 13, 9 14, 8 16, 0 Recirculating air 13, 5 14, 0 14, 9 15, 8 17, 5 We reserve the right to construction changes within the context of technical development. 9 Prior to installation Exhaust-air mode The exhaust air is discharged upwards through a ventilation shaft or directly through the outside wall into the open. D Exhaust air should neither be directed into a smoke or exhaust flue that is currently used for other purposes, nor into a shaft that is used for ventilating rooms in which stoves or fireplaces are also located. Exhaust air may be discharged in accordance with official and statutory regulations only (e. g. [. . . ] Draw a line on the wall from the ceiling to the lower edge of the hood at the centre of the location where the hood is going to be mounted. Ensure that the minimum distance between the hob and the extractor hood is maintained ­ 550 mm for an electric hob and 650 mm for a gas hob. The bottom edge of the template equates to the lower edge of the extractor hood. 8 mm) for the brackets for fixing the flue ducts and insert wall plugs flush with the wall. 27 228 Note: Take into account any special accessories that are going to be fitted. [. . . ]


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